MEP Automatic Transfer Switch Controller for Most MEP Military Generators


MEP Generator Transfer System Controller

NOTE: These units are custom-made, based on the model generator you have. A lead-time of 14-21 days is required from the time you place your order. Please state which model generator you have in the comments section during your checkout as there are small customizations that must be made for final manufacture. This Kit allows you to Monitor your Main Power Lines (Single Phase 240 VAC) and if the Power goes out, will start your MEP Generator (or any other two wire Start Generator) in a power outage. Once Generator Power becomes available the Unit will then initiate the Power Transfer. This can either be done with two large size Contactors if you prefer to built your own ATS or with a regular ATS in the case your ATS does not have a Control Board built in. This unit works with all of GMG’s Auto/Remote Start Kits. It also works with most Generac automatic transfer switches.

Please note the following:

  • This MEP Generator Transfer System Controller should only be installed by a licensed electrician. One reason for this is that the controller board carries live high voltage (which is explained further in the manual).
  • This MEP Generator Transfer System Controller should be mounted in a separate customer-supplied NEMA Type 4 enclosure and should be mounted next to the ATS.
  • If you have a Generac RTS unit which has a 12 Volt coil for the transfer mechanism, then you must bring in the 12 volt source from the two batteries on your MEP generator protected by an inline fuse with a 4 AMP Rating (3 AG Type). This is in addition to bringing in a 24 volt source and ground source. Note that the 12 volt DC source can be tapped off  the jumper cable between the two batteries (This is the cable which connects the Plus with the Minus Terminals on each battery for serial operation.)
  • The wires used to create the 12 volt and 24 volt circuits should be 16 AWG to 12 AWG wire and preferably red.
  • Note that the Generac systems have a design flaw that we would like to make all customers aware of. The Generac ATS has a switch-over contactor which has a manual lever which is located in the ATS box. If a user manually  moves this lever to move / switch the contactor between the two possible settings and closes the cover of the ATS and leaves this lever in the switch without putting the lever back in its holder, THEN UPON THE NEXT POWER CONDITION CHANGE THE SWITCH / CONTACTOR WILL GET STUCK IN THE IN BETWEEN POSITION AND THE UNIT WILL NOT SWITCH TO EITHER BACKUP OR UTILITY POWER AND THE COIL OF THE CONTACTOR / SWITCH WILL BURN OUT.

The following Delays / Functions can be selected with the DIP Switches:

MAIN Power Out Detection:

Dip Switch 1 and Dip Switch 2

15 seconds (Default), 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds

If Main Power is not restored during the selected delay time then this system wil activate the Start/Run Relay to start / run your Generator

Generator Power On Delay:

Dip Switch 3 and Dip Switch 4

15 seconds (Default), 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds

Once the Generator has started and gone through it’s warm up phase and makes the Power Output available then this time delay will start to provide an additional stabilization time for the system.

Transfer Activation:

Dip Switch 5

ON for entire duration (default) or 15 seconds one time activation

The System will now intitate the actual Transfer and backup power becomes available. As soon as Main Power comes back ON both Relays for Start/Run and Transfer (if default is selected) will immdeiaetly shut off and the the system will go back into standby for the next power outage. The Generator will enter it’s Cool Down Phase and then shutoff

Detailed manuals for all MEP remote start kits and controllers can be found here.

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