MEP805B-MEP806B Auto-Remote Starter Kit


The MEP805B-MEP806B Auto-Remote Starter Kit Auto-Remote Starter Kit is a great add-on for your MEP military diesel generator set. It will allow remote start with the flip off a switch or it can be connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for automatic starts. The MEP805B-MEP806B Auto-Remote Starter Kit auto-remote starter kit has the following features which can be set with the DIP switch on the board:

  • DIP Switch 1:   Regular Fuel / Aux Fuel
  • DIP Switch 2:   Warm Up Time 1 min or 5 min
  • DIP Switch 3:   Cool Down 4 min, 12 min or 30 min
  • DIP Switch 4:   Not Used
  • DIP Switch 5:   Not used

The 805B/806B Software affects/changes the following functions / Terminal Nomenclature:
1. Dip Switch Functions, Settings and Timing
2. Different Connections between the Board and the Cubicle
3. No external Contactor needed [utilizing internal K1 Contactor]
4. No Pre Heat – No Ether Injection
5. Fault Reset for 3 seconds
6. No ambient temperature dependent timing
7. Oil Pressure Input is connected to Relay K15 Terminal B and will stop Cranking the Engine when this Input goes low.
Maximum Crank Time is 15 seconds – if engine RPM Sensor does not detect a running engine within 15seconds then the
unit will go into fault mode indicated by a blinking LED AUX Fuel. Reset by pulling the DC Breaker on your Genset for
about 5 seconds.

The installation is not very difficult for the do it your selfer.

The MEP 805B / 806B Autostarter KIT includes:

1. MEP 805B / 806B Autostarter Circuit Board
2. MIL-I-46058C Conformal Coating
3. Drill / Mounting Templates
4. Detailed Installation Manual
5. 24 feet 16ga standard multi stranded SXL wire, strong resistance to moisture, solvents and prolonged high heat –
Thick wall special purpose automotive wire is insulated with chemically cross-linked polyethylene. Withstands prolonged temperatures of up to 257°F
6. Mounting Hardware [Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws #6-32×0.75″, Stainless Steel #6-32 Nuts as Spacers, Stainless Steel #6-32 K-Lock Nut’s]
7. Crimp On Fork and Ring Lugs
8. Wiring Diagram
9. A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
10. 1 Year Limited Warranty

Photos of MEP802A Installation are courtesy of Mr. Steve Marquess, Maryland.

You can find support information here:

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