202 Stark Mountain Rd
W. Halifax, VT 05358

Invoice Number INV-0004
Order Number 13341
Invoice Date December 3, 2018
Due Date December 5, 2018
Total Due $-5.00
Joe Becker

126 Streaked Mountain Rd

South Paris, ME 04281

Labor Detail:


Disassembled unit. Checked fluids and turned engine over by hand. Didn't hear anything out of the

norm. Checked and adjusted valves. Installed new set of batteries and started and ran unit. Had to

bleed air from fuel lines to injectors. Engine started and ran. Air filter completely restricted. Engine

excessively loud due to broken muffler.


Ran unit up to temp. Took oil sample to be sent out for analysis.

12-01-2018 / 12-02-18

Removed and replaced muffler. Found intake heaters burnt up – removed and replaced. Air filter

completely restricted- replaced. Removed and replaced injector nozzles along with all o-rings and

gaskets. Thoroughly cleaned unit. Lubricated all moving parts and springs. Performed major service to

include all filters and oil. Added fuel additive to fuel system. Performed 1 hour load bank following

repairs to ensure all systems operating correctly. Reassembled unit. Generator now running very well.

Handles load with no issues.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 MEP002A-MEP003A Air Filter
1 Pack of 2 MEP002A-MEP003A Oil Filters, NSN 2940-00-580-6304, Includes Onan 122-0401 and 122-0395
2 MEP002A-MEP003A Fuel Filter C1125PL
2 MEP002A-MEP003A Injection Nozzle Onan 147-0268, 147-0134
2 MEP002A-MEP003A Injection Kit Onan 147-0304, NSN 2910-01-049-1192
1 MEP002A-MEP003A Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler
1 Miscellaneous
13 Labor
2 MEP002A-MEP003A Air Intake Manifold Glow Plug Onan 154-1487, Champion CH49, 196
Sub Total $1,859.30
Tax $0.00
Paid -$1,864.30
Total Due $-5.00