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Invoice Date November 15, 2018
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1MEP002A-MEP003A Air Filter
SKU: 937
_reduced_stock: 1
1Pack of 2 MEP002A-MEP003A Oil Filters, NSN 2940-00-580-6304, Includes Onan 122-0401 and 122-0395
SKU: 934
_reduced_stock: 1
1MEP002A-MEP003A Voltage Regulator Panel 6115010379650 or 72-5020
SKU: 2410
_reduced_stock: 1
SKU: Miscellaneous
Fuel Filter: Spin-On
SKU: Miscellaneous
Fluids: Oil, Fuel Additive, Cleaner
SKU: Miscellaneous
Labor: 11-01-18 ( 3.5hr) Disassembled unit. Checked fluids- Added oil (2qts). Started and ran unit and checked output voltage (311vac line to line). Remote voltage adjust all the way down. Tested remote voltage adjust- good. Separately excited unit with 12v source. Unit made 200vac line to line. Tested sensing transformers – good. Tested stator and rotor-good. Checked rectifier board- good. Unit needs voltage regulator. 11-10-18 (4.0hr) Installed new voltage regulator and tested. Unit now making 240 line to line. Performed major service. Changed oil and filters. Made sure all glow plugs working correctly. Manual throttle would not allow unit to be ran at 61.5hz no load. Adjusted and lubricated manual throttle. Lubricated heat deflectors and any other related components. Took the entire enclosure apart and thoroughly cleaned out mice nest and debris. Added fuel additive. Performed 1 hour load bank on unit to ensure all other systems operating correctly. Total Labor: 7.5 hours @ $80/hour