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Invoice Date December 28, 2018
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2MEP002A-MEP003A-MEP016E 24v Fuel Pump Facet 480517E
SKU: 1046
_reduced_stock: 2
2MEP002A-MEP003A Injection Nozzle Onan 147-0268, 147-0134
SKU: 147-0134
_reduced_stock: 2
2MEP002A-MEP003A Injection Kit Onan 147-0304, NSN 2910-01-049-1192
SKU: 1882
_reduced_stock: 2
1MEP002A-MEP003A Air Filter
SKU: 937
_reduced_stock: 1
2MEP002A-MEP003A Fuel Filter C1125PL
SKU: 933
_reduced_stock: 2
SKU: Labor
Description: 12/16/18 (4 hours): Visually inspected unit. Fuel tank completely filled with sludge and bad fuel. Removed the tank and drained. Thoroughly cleaned the inside of the tank. Removed and cleaned fuel pump screens. Removed and replaced fuel filters and cleaned filter housings. Flushed fuel lines. Fuel system was in very bad shape. When attempting to pump new fuel through system found that both the primary fuel pumps were not working and will need to be replaced. Also the nozzles should be replaced due to the amount of dirty fuel that has been ran through them. Air filter dirty and needs to be replaced. Ordered parts. 12-21-2018 (1.5hr): Removed and replaced fuel pumps. Filled system with clean diesel fuel and fuel additive. Primed fuel system. 12-22-2018 (6hr): Removed and replaced injector nozzles. Removed and cleaned glow plugs. Cleaned hard lines from injection pump to injectors. Removed and replaced air filter. Lubricated all moving parts. Started and ran unit. Performed 2 hour load bank to ensure system operating properly. Cleaned unit.
SKU: Miscellaneous
Description: Diesel fuel, fuel additive