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W. Halifax, VT 05358

Invoice Number INV-0009
Order Number 13624
Invoice Date January 8, 2019
Due Date January 10, 2019
Total Due $392.50
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Jamie Merriam
The Dive
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SKU: Labor
Description: Visually inspected unit. Found that the bolt for the fuel stop had vibrated out and fell off. Found it in the bottom of the enclosure. Re installed. Batteries completely dead. Connected charger to one battery and jump pack to the other. Started and ran unit and tested that the unit now shuts off properly. Found that the fuel filter drain was installed incorrectly and leaking (Jamie is going to order new filter). Allowed unit to run for a while to ensure no other issues. Jamie is going to allow the unit to run for a couple hours longer. Will call back for service in the future. The 5KW will be getting replaced and he would like to have serviced once removed. He will be getting in touch when this happens.
4Travel Time
SKU: Travel