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Invoice Number INV-0011
Order Number 13681
Invoice Date February 13, 2019
Due Date February 15, 2019
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Chris Lynch
Ridgetop Farm LLC
541 South St.
Suffield, CT 06078
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SKU: Labor
Description: Found multiple fuses blown- replaced. Attempted to start and the unit would briefly turn on primary fuel pump and then the low fuel light would come on. Checked fuel level-low. Added 5 gal of fuel and now fuel pump would come on and the engine would crank. Installed the customer's old fuel pump that he had brought. Checked fluids and started and ran unit. Allowed unit to run up to operating temp no load. Connected load bank and ran unit through 1 hour test with no issues. Everything operating properly at this time, no other issues found. Generator ready to go.
SKU: Miscellaneous
Description: Diesel fuel 5 gallons.