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SKU: Labor
Description: Visually inspected unit. Found throttle bracket broken. Removed front fan shroud on engine and fixed bracket. Fuel solenoid hardware falling out (fixed). Wire broken off fuel solenoid – crimped new terminal on and re-secured (fixed). Found wire for running alternator chafed through and shorting out (fixed). Checked fluids and started and ran unit. Found that the starter control contact was not opening contact. Removed cover to gain access to centrifugal gear assembly. Cleaned and lubricated. Reassembled and tested- all working properly now. Removed and cleaned glow plugs. Removed and replaced air filter. Frequency gauge not working. Found wire broken off frequency transducer-corrected. Removed oil cartridge filter and installed spin on conversion. Removed old cartridge filters. Modified bracket to except spin on filter housings. Performed 1 hour load bank. Unit is 100%.
2MEP002A-MEP003A Spin-On Base for Fuel Filters and Water Separator
SKU: 977
_reduced_stock: 2
1MEP002A-MEP003A Spin-On Fuel Water Separator
SKU: 982
_reduced_stock: 1
1MEP002A-MEP003A Spin-On Fuel Filter
SKU: 984
_reduced_stock: 1
1Onan and MEP002A - MEP003A Spin On Oil Conversion Kit
SKU: MEP002A-MEP003A-Oil-Spin-On
_reduced_stock: 1
SKU: Miscellaneous
Description: 4 - 1/4 to 1/2 inch bushings for fuel lines. Fabrication of mounting plate for spin-on fuel filters. Oil filter. Fuel additive.
1MEP002A-MEP003A Air Filter
SKU: 937
_reduced_stock: 1