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Invoice Date April 24, 2019
Due Date April 26, 2019
Total Due $1,223.96
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SKU: Labor
Description: 4-8-2019 (6 hours): Degreased and washed inside of generator enclosure. Disassembled unit to gain access to burnt wiring. Terminal block and wiring completely burnt. Traced issue to shorted wire for convenience receptacle. Removed and replaced part of the terminal strip that was damaged. Cut wires back and installed new ends on the wires that where damaged. Started and ran unit to ensure everything still working correctly. 4-9-19 (5 hours): Connected load bank and started and ran unit. Generator ran for about 10 min and then shut down. Found fuel filter completely plugged (replaced). Also fuel pump intermittently pumping. Blew out fuel lines (still pumping very slowly if not at all). Removed and replaced fuel pump with used 24VDC pump. Started and ran unit. Added fuel additive to help lean out fuel system. Performed 2 hour load bank to ensure everything operating correctly. 4-10-19 (2 hours): Oil pressure not reading accurately. Checked oil pressure with mechanical gauge (45 PSI). Installed new oil pressure sender. Started and ran unit. Pressure now showing 45-50 PSI cold. Allowed unit to run up to operating temp. Reassembled unit and got ready for pick up.
1MEP802A-MEP803A New 24v Fuel Pump Main - Facet 40193
SKU: 1917
Description: Used part at 35% of cost of new.
_reduced_stock: 1
1MEP802A-MEP803A-MEP812A-MEP813A-MEP804A-MEP804B Spin-On Fuel Filter 85285-F or 33472
SKU: 1888
_reduced_stock: 1
SKU: Miscellaneous
Description: Fuel additive ($12), electrical terminal block ($12), used oil pressure sender ($35).
Sales Tax on Parts 6%:$10.41

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