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Invoice Date August 12, 2020
Due Date August 13, 2020
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Hello. Thank you for your patience. Please review the details of this invoice below. Our quoted price might be higher than we originally discussed. Prices at wholesale auctions have sky-rocketed since the pandemic. Our margins on generators is modest considering the labor, care and testing we put into every unit we sell. We also include a 90 day, 100 hour parts warranty that covers any defective part in the generator. It does NOT include labor costs. We stand behind every unit we sell and believe you will be very happy with your purchase. Free manuals are available on the GMG website. We require a 30% deposit on the total invoice price below and will require the balance due just prior to shipping your unit to you. Please contact us with any questions. Best Regards, GMG

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
1MEP802A 5kW Military Diesel Generator with ASK
SKU: 1250
Backordered: 1
_reduced_stock: 1
1MEP802A-MEP803A-MEP804A-MEP805A-MEP806A-MEP807A Auto-Remote Starter Kit
SKU: RSK-802A-803A-804A-804B-805A-806A
_reduced_stock: 1
SKU: Miscellaneous
Auto-Remote Starter Kit Installation: Labor $80 x 2 hours
Shipping:$568.00 via Shipping - Deliver to Terminal at 6403 DECKER LANE Austin TX 78724 (Old Dominion)

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