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Please review details below. Note that the solenoid comes "naked" but we can supply the small connection parts separately. This is an aftermarket product. The Voltage Regulator is used and warranted. Note that we believe you require the 60Hz product we have quoted against the NSN number you supplied. The military part number is incorrect as it refers to a 400 Hz version. Lead time for solenoid is about 2 weeks after payment. The other products can ship immediately. Shipping quote us for US domestic shipping. It would all come in 2 packages. We recommend that you ship internationally after we ship to you.




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1MEP802A - MEP803A Fuel Stop Solenoid SA-3865 5945-01-378-7172
SKU: 2231
Note: This is only the solenoid. We can also supply 03-09-2032 and 35-000252-001 which are the small connector parts. Please see manual. We can supply those free of charge. This is an aftermarket product.
_reduced_stock: 1
1MEP802A-MEP803A Voltage Regulator DOD 88-21063, NSN 6110-01-363-0492
SKU: 6110-01-363-0492
Note: This is a used product. We offer a 30 day full replacement warranty. NOTE, the NSN number you provide is for the 60Hz voltage regulator, but the military part number you provided is for a 400Hz voltage regulator. You will need to confirm which you require as they are for totally different generator frequencies (60 Hz vs 400 Hz).
_reduced_stock: 1
1MEP802A Frequency Throttle Control Cable 2990-01-367-0239, 88-20095, 347L-032-1
SKU: 6781
_reduced_stock: 1
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