Green Mountain Generators (GMG), based in Halifax, VT,  is the United States’ best source for reliable military diesel generators.  It is solely dedicated to selling and servicing military diesel generators and related military equipment.  We have tripled our customer-base in the past year and are looking to expand internationally through our ability to ship anywhere in the World.  We service what we sell and are committed to supporting our customers, especially those who purchase a unit from us. We have contacts with dozens of suppliers of both new and used parts.  In addition, we are also committed to obtaining logical and economic aftermarket parts to support our products for the long term.

Bob Teree is the founder of Green Mountain Generators.  A lifelong New England native, Bob found his way into procuring, refurbishing and reselling military surplus generators for a number of reasons.

First is his self-reliant approach to living.  Having been blessed with a modest home in Vermont with natural running water fed by a spring, abundant trees for building and heating, he was left with one missing element – dependable power.  Numerous times per year, the power goes out – usually at the worst times – cold winter nights during wind and ice storms. After doing exhaustive research into backup and prime power generators, his research led him to low RPM military diesel generators. It also led him to learn how incredibly expensive these types of systems can be.  Prices for a decent diesel unit (that is still not as good as milspec) can easily exceed $12,000.  He also quickly realized that even new things are ‘used’ in 12 months. There had to be a better way!  Never having owned a new car, it was natural for Bob to look into pre-owned options for his power needs.

His search finally led him to military surplus generators – practically all of which were low RPM diesel generators with features that could not be found in the consumer or commercial marketplace. In addition, the military is very capable of maintaining their equipment and trains 1,000’s of master mechanics every year.  Through additional research and word-of-mouth, it seemed that those “in-the-know” loved military generators for reliable power at an extremely reasonable price.  Since those early days, GMG’s inventory has grown to include smaller Yanmar-based 3600 RPM units that are more portable.  GMG has also begun to sell related power accessories and solutions.

Second, and more philosophically, Bob believes in buying products that are worth maintaining. Why would anyone want to buy a product as important as backup power (or prime power) with a throw-away philosophy?! Chances are, you’ll be throwing away (or already have) your generator at the worst time – in the middle of some miserable storm! You’ll lose your water pressure, your food will spoil, and you’ll be knocking on someone else’s door for help. Why not be a beacon of reliability in your neck-of-the-woods and be the person whose neighbors turn to for support? GMG sells products that are dependable, stable and valuable. They are worth maintaining and fixing without question. They might even be worth handing down to the next generation and might be the last generator you’ll ever buy. Bob really doesn’t see this as “green”, but buying used also keeps junk from filling up landfills – invariably, the resting place for most big-box retail generators. The oft-quoted maxim, “You buy cheap, you buy twice!”, rings true.  Indeed many of our customers have burned through at least one genset in their life.

Since our founding we have expanded globally and have serviced customers on 3 continents and a dozen countries.  We have helped relief programs in Haiti and have also helped in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. Industrial applications have included mining and forestry applications as well as powering small industries and remote villages around the world. We continue to be amazed at the variety of applications our products find themselves!

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dagobert Solutions LLC, also based in Halifax, VT. [Dagobert is the name of our dog;-) He was named after a very old European King.]

We welcome your feedback. Please contact us with any questions.

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