All Military Generators

Many of our customers have wanted a complete accounting of military gensets. Below you will find a detailed list of all military generators arranged by size (kW). There are two sections. The first section shows generators that are in current US Military Service. The second section shows generators that may still be in service, but are also being migrated out of service. We have linked the units that we carry to their respective page.

In Current US Military Service:


  • MEP-501A 2 kW MTG, 28 VDC, DED, Tubular Frame 6115-01-435-1567 G36169 M59400
  • MEP-501A 2 kW MTG, 28 VDC, DED (First Buy) 6115-21-912-0392 G36169 M59400
  • MEP-531A 2 kW MTG, 60 Hz, DED, Tubular Frame 6115-01-435-1565 G36237 M59400
  • MEP-531A 2 kW MTG, 60 Hz, DED (First Buy) 6115-21-912-0393 G36237 M59400
  • MEP-831A 3 kW TQG, 60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-285-3012 G18358 M59400
  • MEP-832A 3 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-287-2431 G74847 M59400
  • PP-AN/MJQ-42 3 kW TQ Power Plant, 60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-322-8583 Z13645 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-43/43A 3 kW TQ Power Plant, 60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-322-8582 Z13713 R62700
  • MEP-802A 5 kW TQG, 60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-274-7387 G11966 M53500
  • MEP-812A 5 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-274-7391 G12102 M53500
  • PU-797A 5 kW TQ Power Unit, 60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-413-3820 G42238 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-35A 5 kW TQ Power Plant, 60 Hz TRLMTD 6115-01-414-9697 P28083 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-36 5 kW TQ Power Plant, 60 Hz TRLMTD 6115-01-313-4215 P28151 R62700
  • MEP-803A 10 kW TQG, 60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-275-5061 G74711 M53500
  • MEP-813A 10 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-274-7392 G74779 M53500
  • PU-798A 10 kW TQ Power Unit, 60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-413-3818 G42170 R62700
  • PU-799A 10 kW TQ Power Unit, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-413-3819 G53403 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-37 10 kW TQ Power Plant, 60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-299-6035 P42262 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-38 10 kW TQ Power Plant, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-313-4214 P42330 R62700
  • MEP-804B 15 kW TQG, 50/60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-530-1458 G12170 M53500
  • MEP-814B 15 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-529-9494 G12238 M53500
  • PU-800A 15 kW TQ Power Unit, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-565-0929 G78203 R62700
  • PU-801B 15 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-565-0874 G78374 R62700
  • PU-802A 15 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-565-1576 G53778 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-39B 15 kW TQ Power Unit, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-565-0701 P42614 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-48B 15 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-565-0691 Z01012 R62700
  • MEP-805B 30 kW TQG, 50/60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-461-9335 G74575 M53500
  • MEP-815B 30 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-462-0290 G74643 M53500
  • PU-803B 30 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-470-6376 G35851 R62700
  • PU-804B 30 kW TQ Power Unit, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-471-1507 G35919 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-40B 30 kW TQ Power Plant, 50/60 Hz TRLMTD 6115-01-474-3783 P42126 R62700
  • MEP-806B 60 kW TQG, 50/60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-462-0291 G12034 M53500
  • MEP-816B 60 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-462-0292 G18052 M53500
  • PU-805B 60 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-471-1508 G78306 R62700
  • PU-806B 60 kW TQ Power Unit, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-471-1506 G17406 R62700
  • PP-AN/MJQ-41B 60 kW TQ Power Plant, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-474-3776 P42194 R62700
  • PP-AN.MJQ-1612 Power Plant, TQG, 60 kW, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-349-1536 M510
  • PP-AN/MJQ-1632 Power Plant, TQG, 60 kW, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-346-0157 M510
  • MEP-807A 100 kW TQG, 50/60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-296-1463 Z47502 M54400
  • PU-807A 100 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-471-7088 617664 M54400
  • MEP-809A 200 kW TQG, 50/60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 6115-01-296-1462 G1752B M54400
  • PU-809A 200 kW TQ Power Unit, 50/60 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-471-7085 G26345 M54400
  • PU-810A 840 kW PU, 50/60 Hz, DED, WHLMTD (AF) 6115-01-486-4033 N/A N/A
  • PU-810B 840 kW PU, 50/60 Hz, DED, TRLRMTD 6115-01-486-4032
  • MEP-952 5 kW, 28 VDC, DED/APU 6115-01-317-2139
  • MEP-903A 10 kW, 60 Hz, DED/APU 6115-01-431-3062
  • MEP-362A 10 kW, 28VDC, GTED, Aircraft Support Unit, Integral wheel mount 6115-01-161-3992
  • MEP-356A 60 kW, 400 Hz; 2 kW, 28VDC; Pneumatic, Self Propelled, GTED, Aviation Ground Power Unit 6115-00-420-8486
  • MEP-357A 72 kW, 400 Hz; 21 kW, 28VDC; Self Propelled,DED, Aviation Support Unit 6115-00-110-1859


Being Migrated Out of Service:


  • MEP-014A, 0.5 kW, 60 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-019A, 0.5 kW, 400 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-024A, 0.5 kW, DC, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-015A, 1.5 kW, 60 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-025A, 1.5 kW, DC, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-016A, 3.0 kW, 60 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven (Note that the MEP-016 family is a large one. They also include MEP-016B (Onan Diesel), MEP-016D (Yanmar Diesel), MEP-016E (Yanmar Diesel), and MEP-701A (Onan Diesel with ASK)
  • MEP-021A, 3.0 kW, 400 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-026A, 3.0 kW, DC, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-017A, 5.0 kW, 60 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-002A, 5.0 kW, 60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-022A, 5.0 kW, 400 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-018A; 10 kW, 60 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-003A, 10 kW, 60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-412A, 10 kW, 60 Hz, Gas Turbine Engine-driven
  • MEP-023A, 10 kW, 400 Hz, Gasoline Engine-driven
  • MEP-112A, 10 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-414A, 10 kW, DC, Gas Turbine Engine-driven
  • MEP-004A, 15 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-103A, 15 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-113A, 15 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-005A, 30 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-104A, 30 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-114A, 30 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-006A, 60 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-105A, 60 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-115A, 60 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-404A, 60 kW, 400 Hz, Gas Turbine Engine-driven
  • MEP-356A, 60 kW, 400 Hz, Gas Turbine Engine-driven
  • MEP-357A, 72 kW, 400 Hz, 21 kW, DC Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-007B, 100 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-116B, 100 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-009B, 200 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-01lA, 500 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-029A, 500 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-208A, 750 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • MEP-409A, 750 kW, 50-60 Hz, Gas Turbine Engine-driven
  • *MEP-007A, 100 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • *MEP-106A, 100 kw, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • *MEP-116A, 100 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • *MEP-009A, 200 kWj 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven
  • *MEP-108A, 200 kW, 50-60 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven


51 thoughts on “All Military Generators

  1. bmchauvette says:

    what happens when you disconnect the batteries from a running MEP 0003COULD IT STOP ALL POWER OUTPUT? WHAT ARE THE STEPS TO DIAGNOSE A NO POWER SITUATION? IN A MEP 003.

  2. wa0dfw says:

    I just purchased a MEP 803A Genset with a Lister-Petter engine. I’m not finding any manuals that cover this model, but maybe I’m not searching in the right place. I’m a “seasoned citizen” and not overly computer savvy.

  3. GMG says:

    You need to look for the nameplate for the model #. Tough to help without it. Is this 1, 2 or 4 cylinder gas? Do you know size in KW?

  4. busiddle says:

    I have inherited an old military generator. It has been painted black in color but under the shielded plug wires it started life OD green. I know nothing about it. Hour meter shows two (2) hours of run time. I would love to get it firing. It’s a gas driven engine, V-twin with a horizontal shaft, direct connect to a “Bendix Aviation Corporation” generator. Exhaust pipes are wrapped with insulation. Probability Asbestos. There is a shroud from the fan end of the engine that feeds air to the fins on the cylinders and generator body. There is a rheostat that was manufactured by “Joelco” corp. It’s labeled 24 volt, 5.75 ohms, ___watts, with a progressive knob from “Start” – Low to 5 – in increment up to 20 – High. On the placard is refers to suit warming . And lower on the same placard are words to the effect of clothing warmer. The panel has two unusual twist type spade out lets with a center pin / plug. Mounted on either side of the tube frame are two female lugs, much like a welders lead, not as deep or large in diameter.
    I am curious if any one can give any information about this little generator, and its application.

  5. Aroldovinco says:

    Good evening,
    I have purchased a mep 804b military generator that has a yanmar engine. It has a model number 4tNV84T-DFM from 2009. The manual states to use
    lubricating oil MIL-L-2104C oe hdo-30 . I was wondering what kind of conventional oil would be ideal to replace this? Thx

  6. gmg says:

    Tar is not great. Perhaps there was an electrical malfunction. That component should be checked for the correct electrical values. Generators that are stored for a long time risk generator head corrosion. Exercising generators once a month is as much for the electrical generator head as it is for the engine. GMG

  7. duclaire.desius says:

    I need help please. have MEP113A 15KW NOT PRODUCING POWER. ONLY 15 HOURS IN SERVICE. it was stored in a warehouse for several years now there is a black liquid like a tar coming out of the transducer box. Can that be the problem?

  8. gmg says:

    You need to wire it correctly to a three phase panel. But, out of that panel, depending on the exact breaker you use, you can obtain 120v single phase, 208v single phase and 208v three phase. In addition to the correct panel and wiring, the appliance you are running must support 208v assuming you are using a breaker to deliver 208v single phase power. This voltage is usually not a problem. Although motors and other devices might not run optimally (i.e. efficiently with respect to temperature and the power/efficiency curve). See this blog post regarding using a three phase generator to power single phase loads.

  9. Greg Burkett says:

    Our VFD received a mil. gen. from the state. My question is can we connect L1 and N, and L2 and N to use as 208v single phase. We have been told that it would burn-out the gen. and told it would work fine.
    The gen is Mod. MEP-806B 3ph 208v. Then gen. is a marathon electric mod. 88-21009. Thanks, Greg
    Give me a ph.# and I will call with additional specs.

  10. mazen says:

    we are saudi company , working with the Saudi army and we have been requested to supply them with the below genset .
    kindly we need (MEP-113A, 15 kW, 400 Hz, Diesel Engine-driven) POWER UNIT 15 KW 400 HZ,120/208 volts GENERATOR SET M200 2-WHEEL, 4-TIRE, MODIFIED TRAILER best prices qty 10

  11. mazen says:

    Kindly your best prices for the generator set diesel engine 15kw 400Hz ,qty 10 for military use , Exw Riyadh dry port .
    (PP-AN/MJQ-39B 15 kW TQ Power Unit, 400 Hz, TRLMTD 6115-01-565-0701 P42614 R62700)

  12. Dan says:

    Mep 831a. This unit I have continuously runs 240 V will not do 110 can you tell me what is wrong with it and what parts I need ? Also down in the bottom, back behind the engine the plastic fuel tank has two holes i’m assuming something to do with the fuel pump? Can you tell me what parts I need there also? I’m trying to get this unit running properly. Can you guys possibly give me a call this is my number. 512-767-8336. Thank you

  13. Stephen Wiles says:

    have a Vietnam era Military generator mfg. date 8-1960 mod# 2A016-II, FSN 2805-714-8553. Is this diesel or gas? where can I get operator manual? Thanks

  14. pfc 91d says:

    To the Sgt with the 3k with the light issue.
    I have had many problems with the fault indicator box. I am believing that’s the source if your issue.
    You could possibly be having an issue with your fl1 (fuel float)
    Hope that helps

  15. gmg says:

    Is the unit itself well-grounded? Seems like a short somewhere, but is showing up as a “no fuel” or “overload” problem. Both units are behaving identically? If so, and you are using them identically, good chance that you have wired the unit to your splice to power amps with extension cord. I am not quite sure what that is or what you mean, but if both units are malfunctioning identically, chances are high there is a user-error issue (e.g. load is wired incorrectly or bad ground).

  16. SGT says:

    I am currently using two MEP 831A generators in the field. The generators both start up and run for less than a minute. We are currently using a splice technique to power amps with an extension cord. The voltage is switched to 120V only. When nothing was connected, it ran for the longest time. When we connect the black wire to L1 or L2, the white wire to N, and the green to ground, it displays the No Fuel light and shuts down. The fuel tank is topped of and it starts immediately. In some cases the short circuit overload light comes on. During my final attempt, nothing was wired to the generator and it still shut down after less than a minute displaying the no fuel light. Any suggestions?

  17. FRED says:

    I am looking for a voltage control/exciter (complete box) for a 30kw military generator MEP005A. Do you have any avaliable.

  18. gmg says:

    That looks like a NSN number. You seem to have the serial number. I am not aware of another number besides these two.

  19. Twan says:

    Currently working in afghanistan and a unit is turning in 6115-01-413-3820, we are trying to figure out if there’s a registration number that is associated with this GEN SET. SN# T-10-0048

  20. gmg says:

    Sorry, but our refurbishment/technical facilities are all in the Northeast. I would recommend contacting a local generator repair facility. Regards, GMG

  21. Mike says:

    We have an MEP806A, and there are problems that I may describe later. Just want to know for now, do you perform overhauls or maintenance on this unit (engine is fine, but the power has simply gone dead)? Also, can you recommend someone in the Spokane WA area that could do diagnostics on the generator?


  22. gmg says:

    Not sure. Gas units aren’t as valuable or in-demand as diesel, but that is a good unit. This is also a very small unit that might be good for camping and mobile uses. Perhaps $700 if excellent condition. That is a guess.

  23. Gus says:

    hi, I currently have a 1971 model mep-015a with a mil number 2a016-III sub mfd by Wisconsin motor corp. stamped 2/68. any idea what something like this is worth? or who would be interested in something like this? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  24. marvin bell says:

    Like to purchase a PU-803B 30 KW TQ POWER UNIT, 50/60 HZ, TRLMTD 6115-01-470-6376 G35851 R62700 shop and home backup

  25. gmg says:

    That is a good unit. Not sure what you mean by “issues.” No way to convert a diesel generator into a gas unit. Different technology. We can help you procure, refurbish and delivery a military unit to you. Please contact us if you need any help. Thanks, GMG

  26. Chief Dave Caslin says:

    My Village is thinking about getting a MEP-806B , 60 KW Diseal Generator, to use at the Local Fire Department, is there any issues they need to be aware of…and have also been asked, is there any way to convert that to Gas, or Natural Gas… I know nothing about mechanic….if anyone has any answers please point me in the right direction, my email is

  27. g says:


    Your generator set should have a wiring diagram on a plate. It will help you wire a new switch. The control switch is made by a commercial switch company and can probably be found for sale somewhere. Instructions for operating and maintaining the set can be found in TM 9-6115-642-10, TM 9-6115-642-24 and TM 9-6115-642-24P.

  28. gmg says:

    Sorry, but we have not retrofitted that switch before. There are a number of ways to retrofit and “split up” the functions of the switch into more 0/1 type circuits (e.g. Preheat switch, Prime switch, Start switch). Then the issue becomes using them properly and not leaving the “Preheat switch” on, for example. But you could use a push-button switch that requires an active hand for certain functions instead of toggle. I would recommend a series of push-button switches for must functions (except Start/Run).

  29. Dan says:

    I have a MEP 803a TQG 10Kw single and three phase.
    As soon as I turn the master control switch from off to run the CB1 breaker pops. I have pulled the fuse below it and it doesn’t pop after that.
    The breaker also doesn’t pop when I turn the switch to the glow plug point.
    After resetting the CB1 breaker the panel lights work as long as the switch remains off.
    I have “hot” wired the generator and it starts and runs fine. The Hz meter is working and the two power plugs next to the control panel are working and I see 120v at them.
    I am speculating I have a bad switch and need replacement or a diagram to wire up toggle switches. There is a toggle switch I have seen on the 30kw unit; would this work?
    It has a off/run/start
    That switch has a large number of connection terminals on the bottom.

  30. gmg says:

    We are always trying to add to our manuals, but focus most on units we sell, service and can obtain parts for…But, we do have manuals for other units and will do more over time to add to our manual collection…Just takes time;-) Thanks for your interest!

  31. MANUAL-LOVER says:

    please try to collect manuals for vintage and unusual old mil gensets for those of us who are trying to figure out or fix them. I am working an Onan v45m flathead v4 watercooled 5kw and it is approx from 1945. it was removed from a marine fixture. It looks like a W2C almost. I have PE95 manuals to swap. A link page to those manuals or parts would be wonderful. I am trying to fix a Onan 5kw twin diesel, but so many parts are missing i am having trouble correctly identifying this unit to get parts.
    Thank you for your great work and wonderful manual collection! I wish you good health and success in your business.

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