MEP016D 3kW Military Diesel Generator

$3,700.00 $1,999.00

The MEP-016D series generator is perfect for home & business owners looking for an inexpensive and reliable source of backup power.  It is extremely efficient on diesel fuel consumption.  The MEP-016D unit is essentially a MEP-016A  unit (an older gas model) that has been fully upgraded to a Yanmar L70 single cylinder diesel engine.  These engines are extremely efficient and make these units one of the most efficient units on the market. As a more economically priced alternative to the MEP-002A & MEP-003A series generators, these smaller units are still built for continuous operation and offer many of the features found on the larger units. They are extremely portable as well. Engineered for severe-duty use, these generators are extremely well designed, and like all military equipment, are over-built  to run 24×7 in any weather or condition. All framing, output and control box, battery trays, etc. are made of aluminum leaving very little to left to rust. This MEP-016D features a Yanmar L70 diesel engine, auxiliary fuel pump, glow plugs, electric start, adjustable output voltage, output gauges and much more. Note:  Many MEP-016D units still retain their former MEP-016A nameplates.  Sometimes the nameplate is also scratched off, replaced with the MEP-016D model name. The former MEP-016A units are all gas units. Any unit with a much newer and more efficient Yanmar engine are MEP-016D units.

  • Glow plugs
  • Pull-start (no battery needed!)
  • User selectable power configuration (120/240/208)
  • Easy access oil drain valve
  • All new filters (oil/fuel/air)
  • Aluminum tactical skid mounted
  • Center mount lift hook
  • Dual fuel pumps (for external fuel source)
  • High / Low oil pressure shutdown
  • Designed to withstand all weather & climates
  • Two 120V convenience outlets on front panel

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