MEP831A – MEP832A Manuals

MEP-831A –  MEP-832A Specifications

Identification Data
Description3 kW TQG Set, 60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd3 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd
Trailer mounted configurationsPP-AN/MJQ-42: Figure A-3PP-AN/MJQ-43, PP-AN/MJQ-43A: Figure A-4None
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions LWH (in)35 x 28 x 27 (Cube:15 ft3)
Weight (lbs)326 (full tank + battery), 272 (1 hr fuel, no battery)
EngineYanmar L70AE-D/DE Diesel, 1 cylinder/4 stroke, 6.7 hp @ 3600 RPM (variable speed), rope and 24 VDC start, air-cooled.
InstrumentationEmergency stop, Fuel level, Hour meter, Voltmeter, Load meter, Battle short, AC interrupt, Fault indicators
FuelsDiesel DL-1, DL-2; Jet Fuel JP-8
Fuel CapacityFuel tank: 4.0 gal
Performance Characteristics
Power Rating3 kW, 0.8 pf @ 1000 ft/107°F. 110% max power.
Environmental Capability-25°F to 120°F, rain, humidity, altitude, sand/dust, transportation, 9 inch drop, vibration, cold storage, salt spray, fungus, 15° incline.
Protective DevicesEngine High Temp, Low Oil Pressure, No Fuel, Overvoltage, Overload, Short Circuit
Fuel consumption0.33 gph @ rated load
Human FactorsMIL-STD-1474.  Man portable.
Noise72 dBA @ 7 m (23 ft.)
Reliability (MTBF)500 hr @ 80% Lower Confidence Level (LCL)
Maintenance ratioless than 0.05
Electrical Characteristics
Connection120/240V, 1ph, 3 wire120V, 1ph, 2 wire
Voltage Adj Range228 – 252 V114 – 126 V
Frequency Adj Range3%
ElectricalFermont Permanent Magnet Variable Speed Generator, TRC Corp Solid State Inverter (60Hz and 400Hz).
Electrical Performance
Electric Power QualityAC VoltageFrequency
Short term steady state stability (30 sec)2% bandwidth4% bandwidth
Long term steady state stability (4 hr)4% bandwidth4% bandwidth
Application/rejection of rated load, recovery time30% dip/rise,3 sec4% under/5% over,4 sec/6 sec
Motor loadNot rated
Max waveform deviation factor7%
Individual waveform harmonic4%
Optional Equipment
DescriptionNSNWeight (lbs)Effect on Dimensions (in)
Technical Manuals
DescriptionArmyAir ForceMarine Corps
Operator, Unit, DSTM 9-6115-639-13&PTO 35C2-3-386-51W/IPBTM 10155A-OI/1
RPSTLTM 9-6115-639-13&PTO 35C2-3-386-51W/IPBTM 10155A-OI/1
Engine Maint ManualTM9-2815-257-24TO 38G1-128-2TM 10155A/2815-24/3
Engine RPSTLTM9-2815-257-24PTO 38G1-128-4TM 10155A/2815-24P/4

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  1. GMG says:

    They are difficult to come by and expensive. With the MEP831A, we generally recommend 2 12v batteries outside the unit itself. It’s a bit clunky, but much cheaper.

  2. Dave Allan says:

    Please provide price and availability for a manual for the 3kw 60 cycle.
    Price of the 24 volt battery too.

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