MEP802A – MEP812A Manuals

MEP-802A – MEP-812A Specifications

Identification Data
Description 5 kW TQG, 60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd 5 kW TQG, DED, 400Hz, Skid Mtd
Model MEP-802A MEP-812A
NSN 6115-01-274-7387 6115-01-274-7391
LIN G11966 G12102
Specification MIL-DTL-53133/1 MIL-DTL-53133/2
SSN M53500 M53500
Trailer mounted configurations PU- 797A: Figure A-6; AN/MJQ- 35A: Figure A-7and; AN/MJQ-36: Figure A-8 None
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions LWH (in) 51 x 32 x 37 (Cube:34 ft3)
Wet Weight (lbs) 888 911
Engine Onan DN2M Diesel, 2 cylinder/4 stroke, 11.0hp @1800 RPM, 24VDC start, liquid-cooled.
Instrumentation Hour meter, voltmeter, frequency, amps (% RL), oil pressure, fuel, coolant temp, battery amps, emergency stop, battle short
Fuels Diesel DL-1, DL-2; Jet Fuel JP-8
Fuel Capacity Fuel tank: 5 gallons
Performance Characteristics
Power Rating 5kW, 0.8 pf @ 4000ft/120°F; 110% Max Power; De-rate: 3.5%/1000 ft from 4000 to 8000 ft
Environmental Capability -25°F (-50°F with Winterization Kit) to 125°F, rain, humidity, altitude, sand/dust, transportation, cold storage: -60°F, salt spray, fungus, 15° incline.
Protective Devices Automatic shut down with emergency bypass for low oil pressure, coolant high-temp, no fuel, and over-voltage.
Fuel Consumption 0.57 gph @ rated load. 0.56 gph @ rated load.
Human Factors MIL-STD-1474.
Noise 70 dBA @ 7 meters (23 ft).
Reliability (MTBF) 486 hr @ 80% LCL 479 hr @ 80% LCL
Maintenance Ratio less than 0.05
Electrical Characteristics
Connection 120/240V, 1ph, 3 wire 120V, 1ph, 2 wire 120/208V, 3ph, 4 wire
Voltage Adj Range 228 –252 V 114 – 126 V 205 –220 V
Frequency Adj Range ±3%
Electrical Drip-proof generator enclosure, fungus & moisture treated, solid state voltage regulator, brushless rotary exciter, solderless connectors, 60Hz: Onan alternator, 4 pole; 400Hz: Onan alternator, 24 pole. Convenience receptacle on 60Hz set.
Electrical Performance
Electric Power Quality AC Voltage Frequency
Regulation 3% 3%
Modulation 2.5%
Short term steady state stability (30 sec) 2% bandwidth 2% bandwidth
Long term steady state stability (4 hr) 4% bandwidth 3% bandwidth
Appl./rejection of rated load, recovery time 20% dip/rise, 3 sec 3% under/4% over, 3 sec
Motor load 35% dip, 5 sec to 95% init volt
Max waveform deviation factor 6% (1 phase); 5% (3 phase)
Individual waveform harmonic 3% (1 phase); 2% (3 phase)
EMI Meets MIL-STD-461C, Part 9
Optional Equipment
Description NSN Tech Bulletin Effect on Dimensions (in)
Winterization kit 6115-01-476-8973 TB 9-6115-641-13 None (internal)
Technical Manuals
Army Air Force Marine Corps
Operator TM 9-6115-641-10 TO 35C2-3-456-11 None
Unit, DS, GS TM 9-6115-641-24 TO 35C2-3-456-12
RPSTL TM 9-6115-641-24P TO 35C2-3-456-14
Engine Maintenance TM 9-2815-252-24 TO 38G1-92-2
Engine Parts TM 9-2815-252-24P TO 38G1-92-4
Lube Order LO 9-6115-641-12
Warranty TB 9-6115-641-24

13 thoughts on “MEP802A – MEP812A Manuals

  1. GMG says:

    Yes. Depends on the tank and what the available fittings are on the tank. Do you have specs for the tank? Do you just need parts or do you need onsite labor. We do not do travel calls much, but can schedule with lead time.

  2. Jim West says:

    I have a 20gal aux fuel tank that I need hooked to a met 802a. Can you do this, I live in Shrewsbury,Vermont. Davis Terrill just installed a remote start from you folks.I am disabled and the extra fuel capacity.

  3. Trent Campbell says:

    I can start from the dead switch, but the main board shows low fuel and won’t start. It’s 100% fuel. Any suggestions?

  4. Ralph Boling says:

    802a, keeps tripping the high coolant temp shutoff, very shortly after startup, about 2- 3 minutes, coolant level is good.
    this only started recently, prior did not have this problem?

  5. Mike Brosch says:

    CBs get tired with age. Certainly you can jump the leads and just try out a fresh CB to see if it too pops.

  6. George Miller says:

    Is there a detailed schematic/electrical diagram available in pdf for the MEP 802A 60HZ? I had a mouse problem in the control box area where I need to replace chewed up and missing wiring. Would appreciate any help & guidance.

  7. Paul Schwam says:

    I have an MEP-803A, 9-6115-641-10, I purchased at military surplus auction. I do not know the history. It shows only 3 hrs on the hobs. Engine runs steady but overall unit is seriously out of balance. I am trying to determine the problem; engine or generator.
    1) I am looking for an engine repair manual to see if flywheel or balance mechanism exists and installed incorrectly.
    2) Alternatively, it might be a winding mis-wired.
    Anybody seen this problem before?

  8. mena says:

    Sorry but we have a unit thats the same model and we get the same problem. The CB1 keeps poping and we cant figure it out. Wanted to know if it was ever figured out.

  9. gmg says:

    Have you checked all the grounds? Is the unit grounded? Look for any loose wires in the control panel. Ensure that your batteries are configured properly for 24v. Is your master breaker off when you do this? Try to keep it off so no power goes to lugs when you try to reset the Circuit Breaker on the control panel.

  10. Michael Taylor says:

    I have an MEP802A 5KW generator that keeps tripping the CB1. Trying to find out what could be causing this. I push the CB1 in and turn the master switch on and about 3 secs later the CB1 pops back out. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. SSG Taylor.

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