AMMPS (Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources) Manuals, Press Releases, Brochures

The AMMPS (Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources) program is the 3rd generation of military mobile power.  This generation, which began deployment on a large scale in 2011-12, is replacing the relatively short-lived TQG (Tactical Quiet Generator) program – the 2nd major generation of MEP (mobile electric power).  This program entails the following key ingredients:

  • U.S. EPA air pollution regulations-compliant engines
  • Replaces aged MIL-STD and aging TQG fleet of 5–60 kW generator sets
  • Significant operations and maintenance (O&M) cost savings
  • Lighter weight than TQG
  • Improves unit mobility and trans-portability
  • Provides higher system reliability
  • Reduces logistics footprint (fuel and maintenance)
  • Significant operational benefits for all Military Services
  • A full line of generator sets (2.5 kW to 2.5 MW) and transfer switch products
  • TQG vs. AMMPS:
    • Smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient power in the field
    • 21% improvement in fuel consumption
  • Critical military features:
    • Multi-fuel (JP-8, JP-4, DF-1, DF-2, DF-A)
    • Operate at all environmental extremes
    • Excellent power quality
    • High reliability
    • Battlefield mobility
    • Ruggedized
    • 24 Volt
    • Nuclear, biological and chemical
    • contamination survivability
    • Enhanced battlefield survivability
    • Low infrared signature
    • Low noise signature
    • Ability to withstand high-altitude
    • electromagnetic pulse
    • Electromagnetic compatibility to MIL-STD 461
    • Rated power at altitude
    • Organically supported

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2 thoughts on “AMMPS (Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources) Manuals, Press Releases, Brochures

  1. gmg says:

    Lots more to come on this promising line-up…These units will take a while to start hitting the surplus market, although GMG spotted 2 MEP1030 units in NV. They looked like demo or pre-production units. We expect these units to be much better than the 2nd generation as they are utilizing Kubota and Yanmar engines for the smaller units and Cummins engines for the larger unit. Lister Petter seems to have faded away in bankruptcy and has become unreliable as a manufacturer and long-lived parts supplier. GMG has confidence that the next 3rd generation will be great units.

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