MEP016B – MEP701A – MEP016E – MEP021B – MEP026B Manuals

The MEP-016B unit is a 3kW continuous-run diesel generator powered by a single cylinder air-cooled Onan engine. It operates at 3600 RPM to help save on weight and size.  These units can easily run between 3,000 and 5,000 hours before a rebuild is needed.  The MEP-701A unit is the same as the MEP-016B unit, but with an Acoustic Suppression Kit (ASK). Note that the MEP-016E is a Yanmar-powered version of the Onan-powered MEP-016B unit.

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  1. Eugene J Dakins says:

    Help looking for fuel filter for MEP-16B,
    also how does the fuel injector come out? tried turning it six ways to sunday ?

  2. gmg says:

    Note that the MEP-021B is the 400Hz version of the MEP-016B unit. Similarly, the MEP-026B is the 28 VDC version of the MEP-016B unit. All of these units are a family.

  3. gmg says:

    What do you mean slaved? Jumped from a 24v source? Whether you have batteries or slave, shouldn’t matter. We do not focus too much on the 701A model, but it may very well need a power source all the time to power functions and not just the starter. So check your battery charging circuits and use batteries. The on-board generator goes bad in these units a fair bit. So when you remove power, all circuits go dead and the unit will shut down. There are overheat and oil pressure safety circuits that could be shutting the unit down. So set up batteries in the system. Check the on board magneto that recharges the batteries. Then check the oil pressure and overheat circuits.

  4. jared says:

    My mep 701a has to be slaved but as soon as you take away the slave it dies would it be the alternator or the I want to say it’s called the vdc control box? And also I have to hold the throttle manually for a few seconds befor it kicks on and I can take my hand away it only has 429 hours on it please help

  5. Ross says:

    Thank you. I didn’t think the military would ue something in the field like this if they had to run around looking for a bttery if it went dead.

  6. Ross says:

    Does anyone know if the 701A charges its own battery? Can’t seem to find an answer to that.

  7. Ross says:

    You can get a 24V battery for your 701A at Bond Auto. Cost is approx. $129.00 with old core. I looked and found they have the trough triState. It is a perfect fit and identical to the one removed. They have to get it through military ordinance.

  8. gmg says:

    Difficult and expensive…If you can use 2 12 volt batteries it will be easier to manage – although it won’t fit in the current space and will need to be externalized. We recommend battery boxes to keep weather off the batteries. GMG

  9. Thumper4417 says:

    There is a 701A with pull start. I have a 701A without pull start, but when researching manuals, I came across a video of one that was being serviced. Even the person doing the servicing was surprised to find a diesel engine with it. Cannot now remember where I was when viewing it, but they do have some out there.

  10. gmg says:

    Just posted a parts manual for the MEP-016B and MEP-701A units. Both use the same single cylinder Onan diesel engine.

  11. gmg says:

    I am not aware of a MEP-701A with a pull start and Yanmar engine. They all have Onan single cylinder engines. I have not seen a MEP-016B (which is the MEP-701A without an ASK). I would try finding out what type of Yanmar engine it has and then look in one of these manuals (for the MEP-016D): On this page there is a manual for the MEP-016D-Yanmar-Parts-Manual-L70AE (i.e. this manual covers only the engine).

  12. karl day says:

    I have a 3kw diesel generator Ser# t-90-135-ASK-0089 MODEL mep701a mine has a pull start ? it has a yanmar engein . the only manual I have is for a MEP-016B and it does not have a section on the pull start. can you help??

    karl day USMC R

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