Our Products vs Big Box Retailers

Our Diesel Generators:

The major differences between our generators and typical Big Box Generators are the following:

  1. Our generators are for Prime Power (i.e. continuous running over days, weeks and months).  Big Box generators are not meant to run for more than 3-4 hours. These generators are usually called “Portable” or “Standby” generators.
  2. Durability:  Our genset (without the trailer) weighs in at 960 lbs versus their’s at 116 lbs.  Ours can output an easy 5000 Watt continuous power stream while the their’s can output only 3750.  Everything on our units is built to last and run for a long long time.
  3. Low RPM:  Our genset runs at 1800 RPM (the engine turns at 1800 revolutions per minute) versus their’s at 3600 RPM. What does this mean? Our units run more slowly at lower temperatures, which helps enable the continuous run capabilities that their units can’t. Their units will literally burn out if attempted to run for 3 days straight during a power outage.
  4. Diesel:  Although both our unit and the one being compared are diesel, most cheap generators run on gasoline, which is a terrible fuel for generators — the engines run hotter, are more expensive to maintain (often too expensive to repair) and gasoline has a reduced shelf-life as an emergency/standby fuel.
  5. Less Expensive:  Our generators are significantly less expensive for a better product. Yes, they are used, but our units are considered “investment grade” as they are worth fixing, rebuilding and maintaining. All components are easy to source through GMG or your local auto store.  Their units are typically throw-away and carry a 12 month warranty — everything is ‘used’ after the warranty ends.
  6. More Features:  Many features are included in our units such as Three Phase capabilities, Aux Fuel pump, all-weather kit, cold-weather features, grounding rods for safety, redundant fuel pumps, redundant fuel filters, and the list goes on and on!

Typical Big Box Generator:

Home Depot’s Best Portable Generator:  Pramac 3750 Watt Portable Generator with Manual Start (Diesel) at $2,999.

9 thoughts on “Our Products vs Big Box Retailers

  1. GMG says:

    Are you referring to the part in your own unit? Or an external converter. Do you have a part number you can send us? Thanks.

  2. lincolnsn2000 says:

    I am looking for a power inverter/converter for my MEP831A 3K generator. Do you have any in your inventory? How much?

  3. gmg says:

    Please consult an electrical supply outlet. Too many variables (phase…single or three; location…inside or outside; 200 amp…you say, but the transfer switch could go to a 200 load bank, but to a 50 amp generator, so you want it to trip at 50 amps, not 200). There are both input and output load ratings that must be adhered to in terms of cabling and breaker sizing. You size the breaker to protect your generator.

  4. meplein says:

    Looking for a transferswitch that works with auto start I purchased last week from GMG the generator is MEP 803A and I need it for 200 amp service. Thank you

  5. Kishore Poojari says:

    Attn. Sales Dept.,

    Please quote your best prices and delivery for the following.

    Please quote with delivery charges to Houston TX 77477.

    RADIATOR, ENGINE, FERMONT P/N 88-20093 — Qty 1 Ea

    2012 GENERATOR MODEL MEP-802A, S/N 501307-03

  6. gmg says:

    If you need starter, fuel-shut-off solenoid and a new flywheel, it will be cheaper and better to simply get a remanufactured engine…Will save a ton of labor as well…$999 plus shipping is cheaper than buying a separate starter, flywheel and shut-off solenoid, esp. if you figure in the invasive labor needed to remove a flywheel. I doubt we will sell a flywheel solo as that requires a lot of labor to remove. GMG

  7. erich a perigault monte says:

    I see you have now thw shut off switch,’

    I still need a starter & a flywheel since the engine mine
    flywheel has no more theets

    please how can you help me ?

    i am still stucked

    regards Erich . tel 5999 5605837

  8. gmg says:

    Sorry, but we do not. Any diesel generator under $1,000 should be viewed with a little skepticism. It is either in extremely poor condition or made with unreliable parts (e.g. no-name diesel engines). It could also be lacking important features like: no low-oil pressure shut-off switch, or no meters to monitor your generator and the quality of electricity coming out of it. It could also have a cheap frame or an undersized generator head. You can see all of our latest prices for Military Diesel Generators for sale here: https://greenmountaingenerators.com/products/

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