MEP806B – MEP816B Manuals

Identification Data
Description60 kW TQG, 50/60 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd60 kW TQG, 400 Hz, DED, Skid Mtd
Trailer mounted configurationsPU-805B, Figure A-25; PP-AN/MJQ-41B,Figure A-27; PP-AN/MJQ-1612B, Figure A- 28PU-806B, Figure A-26PP-AN/MJQ-1632B, Figure A- 29
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions LWH (in)87 x 36 x 59 (Cube: 106 ft3)
Wet Weight (lbs)42004240
EngineJohn Deere 6068T151 6 cylinder, 4 cycle Turbo Diesel, 134 horsepower @ 1800 RPM, 24 VDC starter, liquid cooled, electronic governor. EPA certified
InstrumentationDigital controls
FuelsDiesel DL-1, DL-2; Jet Fuel JP-8. Fuel tank: 43 gallons.
Performance Characteristics
Power Rating60kW (50kW @ 50Hz), 0.8 pf@ 4000ft/120°F; 110% Max Power; De-rate: 3.5%/1000ft fm 4000 – 8000ft
Environmental Capability-25°F (-50°F With Winterization Kit) to 125°F, rain, humidity, altitude, sand/dust, transportation, cold storage: -60°F, salt spray, fungus, 15° incline.
Protective Devices.Automatic shut down with emergency bypass for low oil pressure, coolant high-temperature, low fuel, over-speed, and over-voltage
Fuel Consumption4.7 gph @ rated load.4.9 gph @ rated load.
Human FactorsMIL-STD-1474.
Noise70 dBA @ 7 meters (23 ft).
Reliability (MTBF)606 hr @ 80% LCL542 hr @ 80% LCL
Maintenance Ratioless than 0.05
Electrical Characteristics
Connection120/208V, 3ph, 4 wire240/416V, 3ph, 4 wireFreq adj range
Volt adj range (50 Hz)190 – 213 V380 – 426 V48 – 52 Hz
Volt adj range (60 Hz)197 – 240 V395 – 480 V58 – 62 Hz
Volt adj range (400Hz)197 – 229 V395 – 458 V390 – 410 Hz
ElectricalDrip proof generator enclosure, fungus & moisture treated, solid state voltage regulator, solderless connectors, Marathon (60Hz)/Lim (400Hz) a brushless generator.
Electrical Performance
Electric Power QualityAC VoltageFrequency
50/60 Hz400 Hz50/60 Hz400 Hz
Short term steady state stability (30 sec)1% bandwidth0.5% bandwidth
Long term steady state stability (4 hr)2% bandwidth1% bandwidth
Application/rejection of rated load , recovery time15% dip/rise0.5 sec4% und/over2 sec1.5%und/over 1 sec
Motor load30% dip, .7 sec to95% init volt25% dip, .7 sec to95% init volt
Max waveform deviation factor5%
Individual waveform harmonic2%
EMIMeets MIL-STD-461C Part 9
Optional Equipment
DescriptionNSNTech BulletinEffect on Dimensions (in)
Winterization kit6115-01-496-7710TB9-6115-645-13None (internal)
Technical Manuals
DescriptionARMYAir ForceMarine Corps
Operators, DS, GSTM 9-6115-672-14TO 35C2-3-444-32TM 09244A/09245A-14
RPSTLTM 9-6115-672-24PTO 35C2-3-444-34TM 09244A/09245A-24P/3
Engine MaintenanceTM 9-2815-260-24TO 38G1-126-2TM 09244A/09245-24
Engine PartsTM 9-2815-260-24PTO 38G1-126-4TM 09244A/2815-24P/4
Lube OrderLO 9-6115-645-12
WarrantyTB 9-6115-672-24

10 thoughts on “MEP806B – MEP816B Manuals

  1. laber-2009 says:

    Hi after 30 minutes working generator frequency fails 50Hz from 400Hz and after 1 minute turn off. What’s the problem?

  2. gmg says:

    First off. You need to test the main output lugs with a multi-meter and not depend on the meters themselves. This is just to rule out bad meters. Odd that overheating affected the electrical, unless you meant to say that the electrical components overheated and fried. In that case, each circuit needs to be tested going to and from the meters.

  3. JACKSON MIGWI says:

    generator was running ok,during summer it overheated,after cooling,i started it and couldnt display AC voltage and FREQUENCY,Second time it displayed,third time it never came back again,help!!!!!

  4. JUSTIN says:

    Pretty easy if I’m not mistaken. Just change the voltage reconnection panel. Line the arrows up to your desired voltage. If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to buy another alternator for it.

  5. Jaime Fernandez says:

    Hello, I bought a 1984 MEP-806A generator and it’s wired for 220volt and I need 480volt, is it possible to get instructions so I can rewire for 480?

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