Thanks for visiting Green Mountain Generators (GMG) – the US’s most dependable source for affordable military diesel generators and parts. Why do we specialize in these units? For the government or commercial customer, the quality of these units is unsurpassed. For civilians and small business owners, these units provide a bomb-proof solution at very reasonable prices.

For all segments of our business, GMG helps establish a supply chain for these units to streamline the acquisition of refurbished generators and new parts. GMG is committed to establishing a comprehensive parts supply chain for the generators we sell and service. We welcome the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with you, whether you are government, supply-chain professional, NGO (non-governmental organizations), municipality, non-profit or corporation.

We have recently obtained approvals from the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Commerce (specifically, the Bureau of Industry and Security) to export demilitarized generators globally (with specific exceptions).

GMG’s Services Include:

  • Surplus acquisition services for large customers (e.g. acquiring multiple units at auction, logistics,refurbishment and delivery).
  • Sales of refurbished generators backed by our 90 day parts warranty.
  • Sales of spares and parts, many of which are difficult to source.
  • Acquisition and procurement services for government and commercial customers that require volume discounts and a large variety of products.

GMG’s Unique Capabilities:

  • 90 Day / 100 Hour Warranty: Another sign of the quality we put into every unit, is our 90 Day / 100 Hour Warranty (whichever comes first).  We believe that our refurbishment program is the very best in the industry and we are confident in our products.  If your product malfunctions within this warranty period, we will provide a replacement part for anything that malfunctions.  Shipping costs (outbound or return) will not be reimbursed.
  • Industry Leading Refurbishment Program: GMG has put together the most thorough refurbishment program for our units.  We ensure that all units are parts complete, functionally complete and all units must pass a very thorough load-bank test.
  • We ship globally: We also ship anywhere in the World.  Through shipping partnerships, we can offer nationwide and global shipping at very reasonable costs. To keep costs to a minimum, we typically ship to terminal locations throughout the US and World.  For additional fees we can also arrange residential lift-gate service (a smaller truck can deliver a unit with a hydraulic lift to lower the unit to the ground level). Additional fees apply for international shipping.
  • Complete Solutions:  GMG is committed to creating and offering complete solutions and will work with you to design the best solution for your energy needs, whether it’s in a remote jungle or for your home.  In the US, we are partnering with only the best service companies to offer on-site installation and maintenance of your unit.

Generator and Engine Parts

MEP805B-MEP806B Auto-Remote Starter Kit

$189.00 $78.00

Generator and Engine Parts

MEP002A-MEP003A Auto-Remote Starter Kit


Generator and Engine Parts

MEP531A-MEP501A Complete Fuel Line Kit

Out of stock
$4,700.00 $3,599.00
$8,499.00 $4,999.00





8 thoughts on “Your Source for Military Diesel Generators and Parts!

  1. Clay Cooke says:

    need a stator exciter for a mep002a can you help? , The governor linkage backed off and over revved as told by a mechanic , and also need voltage regulator for 24 volt system , Thank You , Clay Cooke 619-871-1062

  2. James says:

    Need a flywheel for a DN2M-1 engine. Just knowing the part number would even help. Thanks in advance.


    Nous soumissionnons dans l’appel d’offre MDN2015 pour la fourniture de 235 groupes portables (dernier délai 08 mai 2015).

    Ces groupes doivent être testés et certifiés conformément aux normes militaires américaines MIL-STD-810 en vigueur, relatives à la température de fonctionnement (-10 ° C—55°C), l’humidité, la résistance aux chocs et aux vibrations, la radiation solaire et à l’étanchéité de la pluie, la poussière et aux sables.

    Prière m’informer le plutôt possible, si c’est possible d’avoir ce certificat ou non pour préparer les cautions bancaires et le dossier administratif, par la suite vous avez 03 semaines pour répondre techniquement et financièrement.

    Chef département groupes électrogènes
    Tel 71 940 220
    Fax 71 940212
    Mob 22 301 427

  4. Edward Hughes says:

    I have a 1997 Fremont , MEP-103A, 10kw generator with a damaged cabinet with sections that may need to be replaced.

  5. gmg says:

    We have an old engine block that includes a flywheel that would need to be pressed off. Where are you located. We can sell you the whole block for $100, but you would need to come and pick up in VT.

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