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If you have a non-sales/product question and are looking for advice, you must REGISTER and post your question in the FORUMS area. This is to ensure that the Q&A will become public so that others can benefit from the exchange between GMG and you (so assume your Q&A will be public!). We simply do not have the time and resources to offer advice via email or phone.

If you have a direct sales/product question, please use the form below to send us a part request or to learn more about our military diesel generators. For all military generator parts or generator inquiries, please include the model #, part # (or NSN #) and part name as found in the military generator parts manuals. We will not be able to help you, if you do not provide this information. Please consult our free parts manuals here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our HQ Location: Please note that we do not have a retail location.  All sales are by appointment only.

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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. gmg says:

    Not quite sure what you mean. I would record all of this information and keep it in a safe place, but there is no central database for items like generators. Also, each component can have different serial numbers (gen-head, engine, control box, etc.). So it’s quite difficult if someone wanted to part-out a unit. Sorry, we don’t have a better solution. Prevention is key. We recommend cable locks to lock your unit to a tree, building or other secure object and loop it through multiple points in the frame and skid.

  2. hickmanbs says:

    I have a MEP002A, is there a way to register these on a database in case it ever gets stolen?

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