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If you have a non-sales/product question and are looking for advice, you should REGISTER and post your question in the FORUMS area. This is to ensure that the Q&A will become public so that others can benefit from the exchange between GMG and you (so assume your Q&A will be public!). We are unable to respond to requests for free technical troubleshooting.

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If you are looking for a part (or complete generator) and can’t find it in our store, please use the contact form below to shoot us an email. To look-up part numbers, Please consult our free parts manuals here. We can only help you search for parts if you provide an accurate part number from the manuals. For service questions and appointments, please use the contact form as well. Unfortunately, due to a huge influx of calls, we will only accept inquiries via our contact form.

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All returns require approval from GMG. Please use the contact form below to shoot us an email. Please include your order number, name and product description in your message. All returns should be sent to:

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    1. gmg says:

      In the next month or two we should have one. We are in the process of refurbishing a MEP003A and using a parts unit to do so. We believe we will have a spare cover and will post to the website when we do.

    2. Mark R Chance says:

      Would you happen to have a complete used “close to run” engine cover for a MEP003A
      Thank you

    3. Nokson says:

      I have green mountain generator from USA but it could not start, little do I know that the fuel injection pump is not supplying fuel to enable it start. I try looking for the parts hear in Nigeria but no company is ur distributor where I can get the parts. Below is the fuel injection pump model and serial number m50– 2/4A-80A-9540A serial no: 8E 16669 . I need your distributors contact or office address in other to get the parts.

    4. says:

      We have 805B generator without remote start kit.
      When we see TO 35F5-3-17-1, remote start kit has on the roof of a 805B generator.
      Your recommended MEP 805 B auto remote starter kit as following cost
      – $ 349.95.
      Does this item (remote starter kit , $ 349.95) use to be Air Force EALS?

    5. says:

      I am MR. KO who is in charge of BEAR Equipment section in South Korea
      I want to know a quote for MEP-805B generator remote start kit as below.
      – Noun : MEP-805B generator remote start kit.
      Part No : 200622999-1
      – Requested Qty’ : 1EA

      Would you please provide a quote for MEP-805B generator remote start kit including shipping charge ?

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