MEP007A – MEP007B Manuals

MEP007A – MEP007B Specifications

Identification Data
NomenclatureGen Set, 100 kW, DED, 50/60 Hz
Model NumberMEP-007B
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions LWH (in)106.0 x 40.0 x 65.0 (Cube: 159 ft3.)
Weight (lbs)dry: 6680wet: 7500shipping: 8400
Engine6 cylinder Diesel, 217 hp @ 1800 RPM, 24 VDC starter. Liquid cooled. MEP007A uses a Cat D333C (T): 6 Cyl, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled, Turbo Charged Diesel with 170 HP @ 1800 RPM MEP007B uses a Cat 3306T: 6 Cyl, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled, Turbo Charged Diesel with 217 @ 1800 RPM
FuelsDiesel: DL-1, DL-2 and Jet fuel: JP-8, Jet A-1
Fuel CapacityFuel tank: 91 gallons
InstrumentationOn/off switch, hour, volt, frequency, ammeter, wattmeter, oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery charging ammeter, fuel level and fault indication.
Performance Characteristics
Electric Power Rating100 kW, 60 Hz or 83.3 kW, 50 Hz @ 0.8 pf from -25°F (-65°F with winterization kit) to 125°F/MSL, 107°F/5000 ft.
Environmental Capability-25°F to 125°F, rain, humidity, altitude, sand/ dust, transportation, -65°F cold storage, salt spray, fungus.
Protective DevicesShort circuit, overvoltage, overload, reverse power, low oil pressure, high temperature, low fuel, and overspeed.
Fuel Consumption8.5 gal/hour
Human FactorsMIL-STD 1474
Noise85 dBA @ 25 ft.
Reliability (MTBF)680 hr. (specified)
Electrical Characteristics
Connection120/208V, 3 phase, 4 wire240/416V, 3 phase, 4 wire
Frequency50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
Voltage Adj Range190 – 213197 – 240380 – 426395 – 480
ElectricalDrip proof generator enclosure, fungus & moisture treated, solid state voltage regulator, solderless connectors, Brushless rotary exciter. Capable of parallel operation.
EMISuppressed to MIL-STD-461 limits.
EMPNot protected
Electrical Performance
Electric Power QualityVoltFrequency
Regulation1%0.25% (adj)
Short term steady state stab (30 sec)1%0.5%
Long term steady state stab (4 hr)2%1%
Application/Rejection of rated load, recovery time15% dip rise0.5 sec*4% @ 75% rated 2 sec load.
Max waveform deviation factor5%
Individual waveform harmonic2%
Motor load / recovery30% dip / 0.7 sec
Optional Equipment
DescriptionNSNWeight (lbs)Effect on Dim.(in)
Winterization Kit (fuel)6115-00-xxx-xxxxinternal
Winterization Kit (elect)6115-00-xxx-xxxxinternal
Winterization Kit, Aux, Fuel6115-00-463-909835041 x 40 x 26
Winterization Kit, Aux, Elect6115-00-463-909826036 x 27 x 19
Remote Control Box6115-00-420-84908internal
Load Bank6115-00-463-9086370H+19
Wheel Mounting Kit6115-00-463-9089580H+13, L+9, W+30
Panel, Auto, load transfer, 60Hz6115-00-477-793282544 x 19 x 42
Technical Manuals
ArmyAir ForceMarine CorpsNavy

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  1. gmg says:

    You must size the transfer switch (and its master breaker) to the generator you are using. Other important items to consider: what is the exact configuration of the generator wiring (i.e. how will it be wired: what phase, what voltages). The transfer switch must be compatible with the voltage(s) and phase(s) you are wiring your generator for. There is no one simple answer as the MEP007 can be wired in various ways.

  2. Jose C says:

    Will any 100 automatic transfer switch for the mep 007bgenerator work, Or is there a certain brand i need and watt number?

  3. Mario Kelly says:

    I have a 30 KW Libby welding company military generator I am not getting no output I was looking for parts for the generator brushes and maybe a little bit of advice from somebody my number is 707-954-7501 Mario Kelly please anybody can help me

  4. Alex says:

    Most back-up generators are not deeignsd to keep an entire house provided with electricity; they are deeignsd to keep essential circuits energized.In most cases, you would want to keep your refrigerator, furnace (or AC), well (if you don’t have City Water), sump pump, ejector pump, and perhaps two other circuits powered (bathrooms are often included, as well as one of the two kitchen small appliance circuits). If your water heater is electric, you will want to provide power for that, as well as any gas appliance that requires electricity to ignite the burner (mostly, the water heater you can light the burners of a gas cook-top or range with a match).A typical electric water heater requires around 4,500 volt-amps (Watts); an electric dryer is a minimum of 5,000 v-a, the general lighting load for a 2,400 S.F. house is 7,200 v-a, your refrigerator is allowed to be run off of one of your kitchen small appliance branch circuits, so figure another 1,500 to keep one going, and about 1,500 for a bathroom, most electric cooking appliances will be okay if you figure about 8,000 v-a, other motor loads, like a gas furnace, will add about 1,176 v-a per horse power, and throw in another 300 v-a for motor start-up loading.To try to keep your home operating in an emergency (and, by definition, emergencies are not convenient; so don’t expect to have full use of your creature comforts); you would need around 30,000 Watts.Be sure to include an automatic transfer switch for the generator. Also, depending on what type of emergency you are preparing for, keep in mind that the naturaL gas most home generators run on may not be available. That is why hospitals and other buildings that are required to have emergency stand=by power systems are also required to have on-site fuel storage for their generators.Lastly, remember that most communities have noise ordinances that regulate what the noise level at the property line is limited to. The generator will have to meet these requirements, under full load conditions to pass an inspection. The noise ordinances apply in emergency conditions, as they do at any other time. If you are the only one with power during an extended power outage, believe me; the neighbors will be complaining about the noise your generator is making. And, after the third or fourth call, the police will be so fed up that they will gladly start to write expensive tickets.That’s another good reason to keep the size of the generator below what it will take to keep your house functioning at a normal level.

  5. Thomas McCann says:

    Fermont Model MEP-007B generator I need some information on the functions of this generator operators manual… engine manual… governor controls…. etc. Thanks Tom 352-816-4452

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