Universal Military Generator Auxiliary Fuel Line Kit FA1493FFF3000, NSN 4720-00-021-3320


This is an official milspec fuel line hose kit used with all military generators. Incredibly durable braided hose with the highest quality fittings and machine crimping. This will not collapse due to suction and is incredibly durable at all temperatures, including very cold arctic temperatures.

Manufacturer Numbers:

Manufacturer MFG SKU
Bogue Electric Manufacturing Co. P1443
Cecom LR Center 13211E6770
Chief of Engineers 611560-4-5
Chief of Engineers B13200E6142
Chief of Engineers D11560-4-5
Department of Defense Project 69-668
Designed Metal Connections Inc. S94B9007105-2992
Eaton Corporation FA1493FFF3000
Eaton-Aeroquip Inc. FA1493FFF3000
Fabco Generators Inc. J5037
H20 Tank Inc. S22378
Hollingsworth John R Co. 228X1-0001
Hollingsworth John R Co. 228X10001-0001A
Hollingsworth John R Co. 669-0192
Hollingsworth John R Co. B228-34
Hollingsworth John R Co. JHP111-32
Hydrasearch Co. Inc. S94B9007105-2992
Keco Industries Inc. B51757
Kurz & Root Generator Company LLC 360PB3104
Mancraft Industries Inc. 19304
Mancraft Industries Inc. M19304
Manley Valve Corp. A303004-5S-30
Onan Corporation 501-115
Onan Corporation 501A115
Onan Corporation A029E713
Universal Logistics Corp. D11560-4-5
Warwick Electronics Inc. 1837
Westinghouse Electric Corp. 2734D10G12

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