MEP002A-MEP003A Voltage Meter Not-Ruggedized


This is a brand new aftermarket part that will work perfectly with your MEP002A or MEP003A and provide extremely accurate voltage ratings.

Features include:

  • Square form factor that will fit in a circular panel hole
  • Water and dust resistant, but not ruggedized
  • Base size: 3.5 inches
  • Range: 0-300 volts
  • Scale: 0-300 volts
  • Overload:  Ammeters (AC) momentary: 10 times the rated current for 10 consecutive intervals of 0.5 second with a 1 minute interval between successive applications; sustained: 20% for six hours Voltmeters (AC) – 50% momentary, 20% sustained
  • Insulation Level:  1 1/2″ -1500 VRMS Hi-pot All meters (except 1 1/2″) 2600 VRMS Hi-pot
  • Measurement:  AC Volts Iron Vane ±2% of full-scale AC rectifier type; ±3% of full scale (with 60 Hz sine wave at 25º C)
  • Burden Data:  AC ammeter-5 amps. 0.5 VA max. 0.5 power-factor lagging @60 Hz AC Voltmeter-unity power factor
  • All meters meet ANSI Specifications C-39.1
  • Response Time:  2.5 seconds (max.)
  • Overshoot:  Max. of 40%
  • Note:  Picture’s scale is only an example and does not reflect actual scale
  • Note:  GMG recommends that you cover your generator from the elements with an impregnated canvas cover that will not retain condensation (or store inside a cabin or under cover).  This will protect the control panel and other parts of the unit.

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