MEP002A-MEP003A Air Filter


This premium air filter is a milspec air filter for either MEP002A or MEP003A military diesel generators. This air filter with fins removes soot, carbon, abrasives and contaminants from the air before mixing with diesel fuel. These filters are highly durable and can easily be installed. Note the following maintenance tips:

  • [Every 100 hours] Clean out dust caps on air filter assembly (more frequently under unusual conditions). Ensure no moister is present in housing.
  • [Every 1000 hours] Clean air filter. In dusty climates, clean every 500 hours. Use compressed air. Never use oil, solvents or water to clean air filter.  If water enters the air filter housing for some reason, replace air filter and repair leakage immediately.  Ensure there is no moisture in the air filter housing.
  • [Every 2000 hours] Replace air filter.
Features of this air filter:
  • Low air flow restriction
  • Pleated paper filter
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Mesh support screening
  • Easy installation and maintenance

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