MEP003A 10kW Military Diesel Generator

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  • Continuous Power Rating:  10 Kilowatt (kW), 60hz at 80% power factor below 5,000 feet above sea level. (The US Military underrates their units by at least 25%.)
  • Current Type:  Alternating Current (AC)
  • Line to Line Voltage (Volts):  120 and 240 volts
  • Amp Output:  83.2 amps (assumes 120 volt output and 10,000 watt rating. The US Military underrates their units by at least 25%.  If you assume 12,500 watts and 120 volt output, you arrive at 104 amps.
  • Voltage:  120V (single phase, 2 wire), 120/240V (single phase, 3 wire), 120/208V (3-phase, 4 wire)
  • Phases:  Single AND Three on-the-fly
  • Fuel Type:  Diesel (Bio-diesel retrofits are possible assuming 1) the bio-diesel is preheated properly and 2) the bio-diesel is of high quality and purity)
  • # of Cylinders:  4
  • RPM:  1,800  (Note that most consumer units run hot and fast at 3,600 RPMs are not capable of continuous use.)
  • Engine Manufacturer:  Onan (now Cummins Onan – a world leader in diesel engine technology)
  • Engine Type:  Four Cycle
  • Displacement:  140 cubic inches (2294 cc.)
  • Compression Ratio:  19:1
  • Horsepower:  17.8 @ 1800 RPM (0-5000 ft above sea level)
  • Governor:  Internal flyball; external adjustment
  • Cooling Method:  Air-Cooled (i.e. not liquid-cooled; no water pump, radiator or coolant needed which radically reduces maintenance costs)
  • Excitor Type:  Self-Excited
  • Body Material:  Steel
  • Radio Interference Suppression:  Included/Yes (just in case!)
  • Fuel Filters:  Tank fuel strainer for large particulates; followed by in-line strainer; followed by dual in-line redundant fuel filters (easily replaced with Napa parts)
  • Fuel Pumps:  Three redundant electric fuel pumps (one is for auxiliary fuel source such as a 55 gallon drum); one master mechanical injector pump.
  • Air Filter:  Large and easily replaceable air filter with cold-weather intake diverter. You can switch from normal air filtration to the cold-weather setting that will suck air in over the exhaust manifold to pre-heat the air. This is an excellent cold weather feature.
  • Cold Weather Kit:  Includes:  air intake pre-heat, glow plugs, 24 volt cold weather starting system. You will not find more durable cold-weather features in any unit on the market.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:  12.5 gallons
  • Lubricating Oil Capacity (Less Filter):  3 quarts, 4 quarts if filter is changed (2.8 liters, 3.7 liters if filter is changed)
  • Ventilation requirements (Total):  1350 CFM at 1800 RPM
  • Batteries:  Batteries (two) are NOT included due to shipping costs and hazmat fees. Standard batteries can be purchased at any quality auto parts store. All battery cables ARE included with unit.
  • MEP003A Dimensions (Without ASK):
    • overall length 62 in. (157.5 cm.)
    • overall width 32in. (81.3 cm)
    • overall height 37in. (94 cm.)
    • net weight empty 1220 lbs. (553.4 kg.)
    • net weight filled 1360 lbs. (616.9 kg.)
  • MEP003A Dimensions (With ASK Installed):
    • overall length 69 in. (175.5 cm.)
    • overall width 36 in. (91.3 cm)
    • overall height 39 in. (99 cm.)
    • net weight empty 1365 lbs. (619.4 kg.)
    • net weight filled 1505 lbs. (683.9 kg.)

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