MEP531A-MEP501A Complete Fuel Line Kit


MEP531A-MEP501A Complete Fuel Line Kit. This kit includes all fuel lines needed for a MEP531A or MEP501A unit. If a unit has been sitting for a long time or has been exposed to sunlight for extended periods, it’s a good idea to install new fuel lines. This will help ensure that particulates and contaminants do not foul your injectors or injector pumps. This a custom kit made buy GMG.

Manufacturer Part Number: Kit includes:

  • 1 Tube: 95-8030-27, AEM02012, 20-1/2 (note the manual incorrectly states it is 9-3/4″) (#9 in picture)
  • 1 Tube: 95-8030-25, AEM02022, 3-1/2″ (#10 in picture)
  • 1 Tube: 95-8030-20, AEM02022, 2″ (#14 in picture)
  • 1 Tube: 95-8030-18, AEM02022, 3-11/16″ (#15 in picture)

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