Reply To: How do I go about buying a generator from you guys?


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Yes, we have generators. Currently, the MEP802A (or larger MEP803A) are common in the 1800 rpm range (aka low rpm). Assuming you would want to automatically charge up a battery bank as well as provide peak loading (e.g. large tool work or needing to power a load that goes beyond your day to day battery bank), we would recommend the MEP802A. The larger MEP803A would consume quite a bit of fuel for the load you would place on it (small for battery charging on an ongoing basis). Military units under this size (5KW Continuous-Run) run at 3600 rpms (e.g. 2KW and 3KW size). They can be excellent choices, but will not have the longevity and ability to handle a typical home if for some reason your battery bank is exhausted or down for maintenance. But if fuel efficiency is critical, smaller units may be options.