Reply To: Recommendation?


Outstanding thanks! That’s what I needed to know. Yea I don’t need to have everything powered either when the power is out; I’m thinking frig/freezers/and some lights/outlets then go up from there priority wise based on amount of capacity left on the GEN.

What’s it cost to ship? I have a tractor with forks so liftgate would NOT be required. Is residential delivery available or does you shipper require to go pick it up?

Do you have a part number or link to the auto start kit? So I can add to the wishlist (may or may not end up getting it; but just in case).

Safe to assume any electrician would be able to wire it to the house box? Would I need anything from you guys to be able to hook up to the house or would electrician have everything necessary?

If you need it; the zip for delivery would be 64062.