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      I don’t see a section other than “troubleshooting”. Even though under contact it says to ask questions here. This is not a troubleshooting question but looking for advice/recommendation.

      Bottom-line: I’m wondering if a MEP802A is a good whole home GEN? I’m looking to have backup power for vital systems NOT necessarily the WHOLE house for any sort of power outage event.

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      Yes a great generator. Personally, I have a MEP002A, which is the previous generation, but same size as the MEP802A. It really depends on your load needs. I use my MEP002A for whole house, but do not have every electrical thing on in the house when there is an outage. We also offer automatic start kits for all military units.

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      Outstanding thanks! That’s what I needed to know. Yea I don’t need to have everything powered either when the power is out; I’m thinking frig/freezers/and some lights/outlets then go up from there priority wise based on amount of capacity left on the GEN.

      What’s it cost to ship? I have a tractor with forks so liftgate would NOT be required. Is residential delivery available or does you shipper require to go pick it up?

      Do you have a part number or link to the auto start kit? So I can add to the wishlist (may or may not end up getting it; but just in case).

      Safe to assume any electrician would be able to wire it to the house box? Would I need anything from you guys to be able to hook up to the house or would electrician have everything necessary?

      If you need it; the zip for delivery would be 64062.


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        Looks like this is the auto start kit: SKU: RSK-80XA

        When you have a chance there are a few questions above. Thanks!

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