Reply To: 10kw onan starter issue model; mhp7101T


We don’t believe you ordered this product from us. The Type II looks a bit different from Type I. It is actually smaller and more compact and has no semi-spherical hood on the flywheel end. It will fit nicely on a MEP002A or MEP003A. It is a 24v starter. You didn’t list what type of machine this will go on, so impossible to help really. If MEP003A, it looks like it will be fine. Your batteries must be hooked up to the solenoid and starter correctly. I would consult the manuals as we do not like to offer detailed electrical advice as every situation is different and we would need to be able to confirm a few things before recommending anything. But, we believe this starter will work fine. Just need to hook it up in a 24v mode and get positive and negatives hooked up. I believe the 3rd item is a ground and is grounded to the engine block when install the unit.