10kw onan starter issue model; mhp7101T

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      The starter says mhp7101T on it So that is what I ordered. It does not look like the starter that I have removed. The starter I removed has an extra plunger thing on top of the solenoid to engage it prior to engaging the starter against the gear of the fly wheel. I know there are two types of starters I and II – my question is will this other one work on my generator and if yes how do I wire it properly since the points are different on this new starter then where they were on the old one and I think i have an extra wire because the plunger thing isn’t obviously going to be hooked Up now. I’m doing this myself any help would be appreciated as I’ve been without power for 8 days now and really need to get this running. My husband had a stroke so I have no idea and don’t want to do the wrong thing by hooking up some wrong wire and screwing this whole thing up! I wish I was just sent the part I asked for it would be so much easier. Thanx for any advice

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      We don’t believe you ordered this product from us. The Type II looks a bit different from Type I. It is actually smaller and more compact and has no semi-spherical hood on the flywheel end. It will fit nicely on a MEP002A or MEP003A. It is a 24v starter. You didn’t list what type of machine this will go on, so impossible to help really. If MEP003A, it looks like it will be fine. Your batteries must be hooked up to the solenoid and starter correctly. I would consult the manuals as we do not like to offer detailed electrical advice as every situation is different and we would need to be able to confirm a few things before recommending anything. But, we believe this starter will work fine. Just need to hook it up in a 24v mode and get positive and negatives hooked up. I believe the 3rd item is a ground and is grounded to the engine block when install the unit.

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      Sorry I forgot those details oops
      I have a onan military 10kw 60Hz diesel generator. The batteries are hooked Up in series and that’s not my problem its the wires coming out of the unit that go to the starter and solenoid and then to the batteries I’m wondering about since the new starter is not the same part I thought I was getting. I don’t understand how a part number applies to completely different types of starter motors. I know the negative goes off the chassis, and the braided cable on bottom goes from the solenoid to the starter and there is a ground. I then have like 7 other wires that can’t all fit on the positive terminal nut. One had to go to the extra part that’s not on this unit. Is there somewhere I can see an actual starter motor that’s connected with wires not just new or taken apart?

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