Reply To: 10kw onan starter issue model; mhp7101T


Sorry I forgot those details oops
I have a onan military 10kw 60Hz diesel generator. The batteries are hooked Up in series and that’s not my problem its the wires coming out of the unit that go to the starter and solenoid and then to the batteries I’m wondering about since the new starter is not the same part I thought I was getting. I don’t understand how a part number applies to completely different types of starter motors. I know the negative goes off the chassis, and the braided cable on bottom goes from the solenoid to the starter and there is a ground. I then have like 7 other wires that can’t all fit on the positive terminal nut. One had to go to the extra part that’s not on this unit. Is there somewhere I can see an actual starter motor that’s connected with wires not just new or taken apart?