Can these diesel generators be converted to run on natural gas (or other gases)?

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      Hi Green Mountain Generators;

      I was wondering if these military diesel generators – the 5kW and 10kW models that run at 1800 RPM – can be converted to run on CNG, or other gases such as LPG, propane, butane, etc.

      I ask because I find the durability and longevity of these low RPM 1800 RPM generators very appealing, but unfortunately I don’t own any diesel-fueled vehicles.

      So I don’t have a realistic way to keep the diesel fuel in storage for emergencies, and occasionally rotate/cycle the emergency diesel fuel into car fuel tanks to keep the stored fuel fresh.

      But CNG is a lot easier for me to get my hands on it. And while I’ve read that although CNG isn’t as energy dense/efficient as diesel, it’s a very cheap fuel. Unfortunately, my area has the highest diesel/kerosene prices in continental US.

      In terms of “philosophy of use”, I have two: 1) for household electricity needs for recurring summer-time rolling blackouts – it’s most likely use, and 2) emergency power in case of natural disasters (storm, flood, distant wildfire).

      If it’s possible for the diesel generator to somehow tap off the CNG coming into my home for gas stove, heater, and boiler, that’d be even more awesome (of course, I’d be hiring a professional gas-specialist and a professional electrician to have such jobs done).

      I read that military diesel engines – like that found in the M35 Deuce & Half truck and the Humvee – can run on multi-fuel without modifications. From engine oil, to kerosene, jet fuel, and hydraulics fluid, they basically run any fluid that can burn. And from the FAQ, it seems like the 5kW/10kW diesel generators are as tolerant & forgiving as those vehicle engines.

      If it’s not feasible nor recommended to run CNG in these diesel generators, I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me to similarly over-built & durable military surplus generators that are able to run gaseous fuels like CNG.

      I thank you for your patience as I have only surface-knowledge of diesel engines and generators.

      Thanks again GMG,


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      No, these are diesel generators. We do not have recommendations on non-diesel units.

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