Fluxuating Hertz and voltage under load.

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      Running a MEP-805B 30kw-50/60Hz generator set 50Hz on 240/416. We have two that are changed out every 15 days for maintenance; due to a lack of supplies. The problem I’m having is periodically throughout a 24hr period the hertz fluxuate from 50.0 to 48, also causing the voltage to rise and fall. Each line is pulling approximately the same amount of amps most of the time. During the afternoon line B pulls 32 at its highest while C pulls 12 at its highest. I’m not sure if the change is what is causing this issue or if its the fuel; currently in Chad. Most of the power is for air condition units. However, the generators have run off and on for three straight months and now we are having this issue. Fuel is the only answer that I can come up with at this time, any input will be greatly appreciated.

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      What is the brand of the fuel injection pump? Just curious… Are you using JP8 fuel?
      Sounds like the fuel injection pump is wearing out. When load is applied and hertz drops significantly, the inj pump is failing. Try to be there with an amp probe when it happens, just to insure that its not something going on with the load downstream….If your AC units are Alaskan type – they can reek havock when they are over charged with Freon, because the compressor has an internal check valve…

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