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      I bought many years ago a military generator. It was practically free because there was a few problems with it. One was fuel pump, fuel filter and something to do with electrical. I tried to fix it to no success. I got the fuel system to work. Generator ran beautifully. But I could not figure out the electrical. So I shelved the project for 10 or 15 years. And I decided to try revisiting it. But this time looking for a manual or diagram of how the electrical box is supposed to work. But im having troubles finding anything on my generator. I can gleam a few bits of info off the builders plate. Hope this helps identify and find the right manual.

      Manufacturer. Honeywell
      Model number. JHGW3C
      Date manufactured. 8-64
      Engine manufacturer. Wisconsin motors Corp
      Model. MAENLD
      KW. 3

      This is as much identifying info I can get off the plates with out going into serial numbers and dimensions. Unless those might help.

      Either way thank you all who read my post for taking the time to read and maybe help.

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