MEP-002A and MEP-003A Troubleshooting


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      This topic is dedicated to all troubleshooting, technical questions, and other questions related to the MEP002A and MEP003A military diesel generators.

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      having fuel problems with my MEP-002A… it has fuel to the injection pump, injectors, and return lines but will not start…. any help would be great

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      I’m also having issues. Both of my fuel pumps gummed up and wouldn’t work. I got them working and have fuel to the injection pump and to the return line. I pulled the injector lines but no fuel comes out of the ports. Do I need to remove the injection pump or is the pump shot. I ran the gen set once a week until the starter went out.

      Thanks Don G.

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      Regarding your blog post on the battery charging regulator/rectifier. I may have a problem with mine; specifically, the batteries have difficulty holding charge. Even with the DC circuit breaker pulled there is sufficient current leakage to drain the batteries. I have tested the resistance from the battery leads at 8.5kohms. I suspect that this may be low, but have no other reference. This same measurement is true when the external capacitor in this circuit is disconnected. The regulator is the only other obvious leakage to ground. What should it’s resistance be? Finally, your blog post mentions that these regulators are repairable. How is the potting material removed.

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      Do you guys have a phone we could just talk on for a few? It’s a hassle getting help this way because I have to drive 20 minutes to town and jump on wifi… but I have a mep002a and I got it ton start up and run, but I’m not getting any power from the receptacle, regardless of which phase it’s on (if the phase even matters). Thoughts?

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      Also having problems with fuel get it to the injector pump and return but nothing coming out of the injector ports HELP

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      Have an MEP 003A with about 1200 hrs on it. Trying to determine how to wire it in to my house and the more I read the more confused I get…which isn’t hard to do. I’m trying to achieve a 240 volt/60 hz/single phase connection. The instruction on the unit read set the “reconnection switch” to the 3 o’clock position and turn the “ammeter-voltmeter transfer switch” to the L-1 and L-3 load position utilizing L-0 for neutral and grounding. However, in an article posted on Green Mountain website and authored by Kenneth Tollstam, he says to utilize lugs L-2 and L-3 for hot wires and L-0 for grounding and neutral. Can anyone set me straight please?

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      do any one have for the MEP 003A the fuel lines for sale 914 486 1781

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      Does anyone have a good clear diagram of the 3 fuel pump set up on the MEP-003a. I purchased the 003a and all of the hardware for the pumps have been removed, so I get to rebuild the fuel pump system, but have no clue on where all the stuff goes. So, basically I am starting from scratch.

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      Good afternoon. I’ve been working on a MEP-003a for months now and can’t seem to figure out the problem. The engine starts and runs fine but after a few minutes it develops a miss. I have replaced the injectors, injection pump, fuel lines, fuel line check valve, fuel pumps. I have done numerous valve adjustments and timed the injection pump multiple times. Fuel pressure to the injection pump is good. All the filters are new. I have also done a compression test on the engine and the numbers are great. Any direction to look into would be greatly appreciated.

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      I have an 802a. It sat neglected and without being maintained or used for more than a couple of years. I have drained & wiped out the fuel tank, changed the oil & filter and both fuel filters. I put in new fuel & bled the fuel system per the maintenance manual. It won’t start. I disconnected one side of the low oil pressure switch & it still won’t start. Ideas please.
      Thank you.

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      I have a MEP-805B and wants to connect it to a basic 2-wire start ATS; however, do I need to purchase the entire kit(MEP805B-MEP806B Auto-Remote Starter Kit) or will I just need to get this (MEP Automatic Transfer Switch Controller for Most MEP Military Generators) ? or a contact number to reach a Rep from GMG ?

      Appreciate you thoughts/answers tons!


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      I have a MEP 005a. I think I have two separate issues… It runs great but Hz is low around 40 and voltage is not stable. Sometimes the voltage is at 50 volts after start up and sometimes it is at 120 tested at outlets and Hz gauge is bad but I am checking with a meter. the Hz will only increase with manual throttle input as the dash adjustment dial has zero effect. It will produce 61hz at WOT. When the unit does produce correct voltage(120) the Hz is still only at 40hz at normal operating rpm. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot?

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      I have a mep 002a and its been starting hard cranks alot to get started some what like fuel issue after it runns for about 20 mins it wont start till it cools down but now it wont start my ? is i have a 003a would the pump off that fit the 002a looks alot alike with 2 lines capped off im not getting any fuel to the injectors uless their is something really stupid im missing

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      I have a MEP 003A that was rebuilt and has 6 hours. Generator was working fine until my neighbor came over and adjusted the phase switch while running. Instantly my output gages went to zero but the generator still runs. When I start and hold the start switch on it will show that I’m getting power then when I release it gages go back to zero. What is my problem and what part do I need to replace?

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      I have a MEP003A with 3000 hrs after start up the unit is not generating power Any suggestions on where to look or how to fix

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      Afternoon all. I have a voltage issue. Running 120/240, one leg L1 has 110v L3 has 108v. I see no movement on the hertz meter. Any suggestions great appreciated.

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      I have a MEP802A with low hours. last time i tested it, it would not turn off. it does nothing when i turn the master switch to off. the emergency off button doesn’t shut it off either. any ideas how to troubleshoot this? Thanks, Ron

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