MEP 002A Within Load Limits Breaker Trip

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      Even prior to (now recent) PM service MEP 002A gen would power all things in my home (except central AC), runs smooth, and show less than 25% load at 60 cycles & 220 volts. Attempting to start/run (1) 40A rated HVAC (air handler & compressor). Gen unit bogs down and trips gen unit breaker just before engine stall.

      Gov not increasing the RPM to carry the load?
      Need to increase RPM so meter shows 240 volts at light load?
      Other cause(s)?

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      The 002A is rated at 5000 watts at its peak it can hit 8500 watts but that only equates to 35 amps. S0 if you are already at 25 percent you do not have the amps there to start a 40 amp HVAC. I have run into this before with even a 10K unit that would not start an air compressor that was rated at 40 amps.

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      Starting amps too high. Nothing wrong with unit. The actual starting amps to start your AC is quite high.

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      Got it, guys. Thanks for the input. Was leaning in that direction as well.

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