MEP-005A and -006A Questions about powering house regarding hertz variation

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      So I just purchased a -005A and -006A. They are non-precision units, and from what I understand, this means that the frequency adjustments must be done via the throttle knob and must be continuously adjusted to maintain 60 hertz under varying loads. This would not be optimal for use as a backup generator as backup power during an outage for my home. I’ve watched your videos on YouTube regarding phase and output, but my question is more on my understanding – or lack thereof – with frequency. Must the -005A and -006A be continuously monitored and adjusted under load to maintain 60 hertz? Is my current knowledge incorrect and they are ‘set it and forget it’ gensets? Are there upgrade kits available so that the genset maintains 60 hertz all the time under varying loads? Thanks!

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      Once the genset is fully warmed up, you should then adjust the frequency adjust cable (aka throttle) to get the unit to 60 hz or 50hz. The governor, assuming it is working properly, and fuel stop solenoid, will take over from there and adjust fuel flow as load is increased or decreased. You DO NOT need to monitor.

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