MEP-701A Injection Pump rebuild / reassembly instructions

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      Hello, I’m glad to see GM has IP rebuild kits for the 701/016! My question is: Searching the TM’s and internet, there is no rebuild instruction to be found anywhere.
      Does GMG offer instructions or technical advice? My question specifically pertains to how to index the metering rod with the holder and fuel control rack, to get them in the correct relationship to each other? Are there any alignment markings on holder and /or metering rod?

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      Unfortunately, it was difficult enough to locate the kit from Europe. I would try searching the Internet for the make and model of the series of injection pump (i.e. not the MEP701A or MEP016B model). We have updated the product description with some informative diagrams and links. You can also see this video that might help (albeit the application is not identical): Bosch PFR1K80A505 How To Video Here is another related video of the Bosch PFR pump.

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