MEP-802A and MEP-803A Troubleshooting


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      This topic is dedicated to all troubleshooting, technical questions, and other questions related to the MEP802A and MEP803A military diesel generators.

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      Hi there, I just acquired an MEP-803A from Camp Pendleton.
      All the fluids and the batteries had been removed.
      I have installed 2 new batteries, added coolant and oil. I have not yet added fuel.
      My problem is that when I hit the start switch, nothing happens.
      I have 25 volts at the batteries, and 25 volts at the MT-4 fusible link behind the panel.
      It will crank like a champ when I hit the dead start switch.
      Am I missing something? Is their a low fuel cut off switch?
      I get no power to any of the lights or gauges on the panel.
      Thank you

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      Ordered fuel pump received a newer model fuel pump that appears not to install the same. needs additional filter and fittings. Anyway to get original replacement part? 802A 1993 model 5kw diesel or jet fuel

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      I’m having trouble finding a circuit breaker fuse my MEP-802a. I’ve looked everywhere with no success in finding one. The number on the old fuse is: FO3 125V 30A. Is is also a ceramic fuse. Anybody have suggestions as to where to find these fuses, or what would be the replacement for it? Thanks for any help.

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      Having trouble with high coolant temp light and shutting down, coolant level is good, temp light comes on quickly and shuts off, not even showing temp change on gauge, other times comes on after a minute or two, sometimes temp gauge goes high as well? help

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      Does anyone know the output psi of the injection pump? Thanks

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      My MEP802A will not shut down. Battle short is off. Nothing will make it stop. Even tried blocking air intake! What can I do?

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      I just bought a generator set military type MEP 803A and having problems with the voltage and frequency meter. Anyone encountering this and/or have encountered this and was able to fix it.
      Pls send info to

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      802a ran for a week or two aok, then died, had to replace start switch, replaced alternator. Unit now runs, but generator only puts out 24vac. Suspect glazed brushes. Anybody know how to put an external voltage on the generator output to break the glaze? Also, anybody ever replaced the generator brushes. The unit is trailered on a pu 797?

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      Having same problem will turn over like crazy using work crank but only get a click on master switch???

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      I’m not sure if I’m doing this right. I just found this page and am not highly computer savvy.
      I just obtained an MEP-003A 10KW generator with a Lister-Petter engine. I’m having problems finding info on this unit. Like others, all the fluids were drained. So far I haven’t been able to figure out why I don’t seem to be getting fuel to the injectors but haven’t been able to find any info on that particular (water cooled) engine.
      Help is needed on the proper manual and that engine. I don’t seem to find am engine on Green Mountain’s list of Lister-Petter engines that looks like a likely suspect either.
      I’m pleading and begging for help!
      Thanks, Leonard

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      Jamie Near

      Hello, I have a question on the way the remote start kits work for my MEP802 generator. The kit works fine but it seems that if the generator doesn’t auto start the first crank cycle due to cold weather the controller doesn’t try starting a second or third time. How does the remote start controller PCB work? Should it try 3 times to start and then lock out? I don’t see this sequence of operation covered in the manual.

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      Mark Damele

      Governor stuck in the off position when the engine is cranking and the shutdown solenoid is on.
      Does anyone know how to get it working?

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      I have a 275 gallon fuel tank conected to my mep802a.When master switch is in the Aux fuel position fuel floods out of the on board fuel tank.If left in the Aux position the entire 275 gallons will be on the floor in a matter of a few hours. Please help

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      Sounds like your float is stuck

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      Does the onboard fuel float control the aux fuel pump?

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      The float does two things, low fuel shut off and aux pump on/off
      There has been talk of fuel pushing through the aux pump when using a large bulk tank
      I added a fuel solinoid inline with the aux pump on mine just to be sure
      I believe the float can be activated through the fuel filler by pulling the screen out
      Unplug your main fuel pump when testing, maked it easier to hear the aux pump
      Also check out Steel Solders, there are many discussions about the MEP 8xx series generators

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      Darius Gray

      Friend has a 802. Runs his whole house just fine, except for an old 7hp air compresssor. Switching it on the gen bogs down to nearly stall and puts out black smoke. THe compressor is on a 20a breaker on the panel. Ideas on what to check for? Can it really be too much for the gen at <20a?

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        Mark Damele

        This not going to work
        3 phase 7 hp motor should draw 16 – 20 amps @ 240volts
        the generator is rated at 17 amps @ 3 ph 208 volts
        The inrush will be much greater.
        1 phase 7 hp motor should draw 29 amps @ 230volts
        the generator is rated at 26 amps @ 1 ph 230 volts

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      Inrush current on the compressor could easily exceed 20a, albeit briefly.

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      802A fuel light comes on and it dies. new fuel, filter. any ideas? starts and run great for a few minutes.

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      Anyone by the fuel level from this site with success? Part 88-21103. Says it has 27 in stock on GMG

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        Adding on, looking at KUS website, it doesn’t look like these are actually a swap in replacement for the originals.

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