MEP-803A Wiring and Settings

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      Our SWAT team recently acquired an 803 and we need to wire it for 110 using an external 30a fuse box. I have researched and have only come up with conflicting information. The gen will stay on the trailer and we will mount the fuse box to the trailer. What wiring configuration do we need to have?

      Also, what setting do we need for only running 110 to the fuse box? I assume it will stay in Single Phase?

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      You need to consult an electrician. You need to wire it for 120/240. You can’t just wire it for 120 (unsafe). Bond neutral and ground and you MUST use grounding rod at the generator/trailer. 2 hots, 1 neutral and 1 ground to box. The unit can operate in single or three phase. You need to make sure settings are all set to single phase 120/240.

      Again, consult electrician.

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