MEP-804B blowing control panel fuses!

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      I hope someone has some insights on this… I have a MEP-804B, less than 100 hours, has been working great for years, until now. Started it just fine the other day, engine running good, but after releasing the START to RUN all power is lost! If I hold it in the START position I get full power, everything works. but when released it, it instantly drops voltage and frequency to zero. The only fault light is LOW VOLTAGE when it drops out.

      Checking through the control panel I found an obscure fuse (KLK-3, 600v 3 amp) on the back upper right of the inside panel, next to control module, was blown. I found one (finally) and replaced it, only to have it also blow instantly on starting!

      Strangely, I can find no mention of this fuse in the any of the manuals or in any diagrams. and I don’t seen any troubleshooting tips talking about blown fuses.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I urgently need power in my barn!

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