MEP-805A No power to control panel

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      Batteries charged
      Dead crank-Yes
      S17- pulled out 24.5 volts both sides
      S1- off 24.5 volts pin 3
      CB1- 24.5 volts both sides
      CR1- 24.5 volts both sides
      S1- master switch- any position but off, No 24 volts on any of the previous listed places

      As previously stated it would crank and run with a jiggle of the control panel harness around the stop/master.

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      Sorry, should have posted first

      Hello everyone, I have been searching for answers but not getting far. A friend has a 1993 MEP-805A with 21 hours on it. To begin with was it would sometimes/run start but when it it would not crank he showed me how he drops the control panel down and wiggles the wires in the area of S1 and S17 and it would turn over start and run. So now it was going to be stored at my shop and before transport, he tried to start it, no go even with the wire wiggle. I found the wire on #8 of S1 off. No big deal I thought. Now it is at my shop and I attached the wire back on terminal #8.
      Issue: No crank, no control panel power. 24 volts on both sides of S17 pulled out with S1 off. 24 volts to DC control panel breaker and 24 volts to #3 on S1. When you turn S1 to prime/run or start, all 24 volts go away. Nothing on S17, Control panel or S1. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Viewing 1 reply thread
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