MEP-806B 50HZ / 60 HZ

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      I have a MEP-806B, just replaced the fuel injection pump and tried to adjust it out to 1800 rpm, 60 hz. The CIM display continues to tell me that its running at 50 hz, even tho ive got the speed up to 1800 rpm’s. Is this an electronic issue? Anyone have any ideas about this?

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      You are using a multimeter to confirm 60Hz? Have you looked at the manuals for default settings for the CIM. Check out our free manuals here:

      There might be default configuration settings to be programmed. Does the readout change if you adjust throttle? Just need to confirm if this is static or moving with the RPM.

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      Were using a tach to gain correct speed while adjust the fuel injection pump – stanadyne. I can get the motor up to 1800 rpms, 120/20860 hz. The problem is the CIM disply does not go over 52 hertz. If I use a VOM to measure hertz at a load terminal, my vom says its 60 hz. cim not displaying correct hertz. Removed magnetic pick up sensor, cleaned and tested – ok. re-installed and adjusted to 1-1.5vac. no problem there.

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