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      I recently acquired a MEP 831a with 6.5 hours with a engine that would not start. after a few troubleshooting found it to be a compression issue. pulled motor out and found to be a cracked piston and replaced it with new piston and rings. engine is now running with no problems there. now here is the issue I am now facing it produces no power. do not know how long it was sitting prior to the engine issue I am assuming when they first started it up in 2002 and set it off to the side. unit is clean and appears to be kept out of the weather. any ideas on what I could do to test this further or is there some thing I am missing ie. breaker somewhere that is not visible.

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      You really need to get the manual out and begin isolating the electrical side of things. There are many items to troubleshoot and the manual will help. Age and hours and other issues are really meaningless. If a generator sits for too long, windings can corrode; diodes corrode and a host of other electrical components can corrode. So each major circuit needs to be tested and troubleshooted. The manual is the place to start.

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