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      I have a 100kw 1992 forester mep007b cat 3306. I’m having an issue smoking voltage regulators and need to know what type of exciter this unit has. It has been retrofitted with the rheostat and voltage regulator have been removed. It came to me with a power-tronic xr500c, an aftermarket momentary flash switch and voltage dial, and an elaborate rigging with a relay and a bunch of dead shorts. After the xr500c fried, I got an xr8 thinking it was an amp problem from the specs in the manual. Problem is that unit blew too and we are having trouble determining the specs on the exciter. Hard to tell if the manual applies to this iteration, but there is no reason we can figure the xr8 isn’t working. Can’t even find specs on the original regulator. Please help–tire of throwing good money after bad.

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