MEP016A/D help needed?

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      I recently found an MEP016A converted to a D with the yanmar engine. I seem to have everything going but cannot get the current gauge to read on any setting. I also have seen conversions for 120/240 volt operation by using a jumper wire and removing the knob so it cannot be changed. I seem to have 120/240 volt operation as is, I set switch to 240 single phase, put a small 240 volt heater on the post an I can also plug into the convenience 120 plugs and all seems to work as is, anyone have any input on this? Checking with a meter at the generator the loads are balanced and if it was just tapped off the 240 one would think the load wouldn’t balance out! I understand that the 240 can just be tapped off of but a 15 amp heater and a 1500 watt 120V flood light don’t seem to even strain the little thing! Hummm! Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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