MEP806b No voltage or freq

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      So I’ll start from beginning. Original problem was f1 and f2 were not getting voltage to flash the field. Replaced the voltage regulator and now there is but no voltage still even while holding in start position. So windings in main generator are bad. Replaced main generator. Now there is voltage only when holding in start position. Soon as I let go nothing. Now the main generator that was ordered was correct NSN and data plate info matched old generator but this looked a little different. Probable cause maybe? So then I figured the transformer problem. Transformer is suppose to help with the voltage adjustments. Nothing. So I had a spare entire control box on hand and said screw it and replaced it. Nothing.

      Any ideas what could be issue? I was wondering maybe it’s one of those technical things, like some other model generators, where all the components must be same company like Libby and TRC? Or is it the new main generator?

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